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Cotton Candy

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Geography

Southern Colonies
Why the Southern Colonies were Created
Good land for farming
Plenty of fresh water
Warm weather
Southern Colonies
Many rivers, bays and wetlands, this area is
North Carolina
South Carolina
A great place for growing crops
Colonists used the tidewater to import and export crops
The back country was where most of the colonists settled and many hunted and fished for much of their food
Why it was created
To the North is the Middle Colonies
To the South is Spanish Territory
To the West is French Territory
To the East is the Atlantic Ocean
Southern Colonies
Between 1632 and 1732, the colonies Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia became known as the Southern Colonies
Virginia and Maryland were the first two colonies in the Southern Colonies in 1619
In 1663 King Charles II Formed a new colony below Virginia called Carolina
North and South Carolina
The colony of Roanoke vanished
The only thing left was the word " CROATOAN " carved into a fence post
Nobody knows how it vanished, it is still remains a mystery
Jamestown colony
Jamestown was the first successful colony for England
Jamestown had the starving time which was when a lot of colonists died
John Smith took over and turned the colony into a successful colony
Time Line
Georgia became part of the Southern Colonies in 1732
North and South Carolina became part of the Southern Colonies when Carolina split into two
Life in the Southern Colonies
The colonies South Carolina and Georgia grew cash crops, rice and indigo
Farming was very important to the Southern Colonies
Slavery started in the Southern Colonies to manage the huge fields
Slavery in the South was allowed except Georgia did not allow slaves until they gave up and allowed it
Major people/places
It was the first attempt at a colony for England
John White left the colony and shortly after the colony disappeared which still remains a mystery
Jamestown was the first successful colony for the English
Life in Jamestown was very cruel and harsh
Cecilius Calvert
King Charles gave Cecilius Calvert the known as Maryland
She was a Catholic that wanted a safe place to worship
King Charles II
King Charles wanted to start a new colony called Carolina
In 1729 Carolina split into two colonies, South Carolina and North Carolina
House of Burgesses
It was an important town meeting place
The Virginia legislature first met there in 1619
Charles Town
Charles Town grew large and wealthy
It was located in the North East of South Carolina
James Olgethorpe
He wanted Georgia to be a place for poor people and debators
He thought that poor people could start a new and better life in Georgia
Eliza Pinckney
She developed a type of indigo that was much more easier to grow
It became so successfull that the Southern Colonies sold morer than 100,000 pounds of it each year
Did they do?
They had Three Main Jobs
1: Growing large plantations

2: Trading goods

3: Having a small family farm
(Major groups of people)
The Virginians settled to become rich by selling crops
The Virginians wanted a say their laws so they created the first election legislature
Maryland was a safe place for the Catholics to worship so most people that lived there were Catholic
They first settled in the Southern part because it was good land for farming, it had many harbors, and they built rice plantations in the tidewater
Charles the II hoped that it would keep Spain and France out of the area
King Charles II made Georgia to help keep the Spanish and French away from South Carolina
James Oglethorpe thought it should be a place for poor people and debtors( a person who owes money) so that is what Georgia became
He had very strict rules, no drinking alcohol, no owning slaves and they couldn't elect their own legislature
But he was friendly with the nearby Native Americans and traded with them
Created By:
Emma Shearer
and Mara Dimond
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