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The Perfect Community

No description

isandra perez

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of The Perfect Community

The Ideal Utopia
by: Isandra perez

My Ideal Community!!!
Everyone has their own vision of the perfect community. For me it would be the perfect place where there is no crime nor pollution a place with everybody can be them selves without being judged. But how i see it, any place can be ideals if the values and the system is fully understood. In this case the perfect community is based on the population, government, physical structure, geography and lastly its economical foot print.
In my community Government will be always at the top of the list.
When it comes to health my community will provide health insurance which will be applied to mortgage/rent. There will be a local hospital/clinic/dentist that one as a person will be able to get help in case injured or if its just a normal check up.
Education will be an important factor, my ideal community will have a private charter schools (k-12) which will have a yearly intuition to help maintain it. Students will also have the choice to go to another school if they prefer. The charter school will be directed by the best principal and educated by well educated teachers. All members will be required to wear uniform and maintain an average grade no children will get left behind.
Safety: every house will provide an alarm system if desired. There will be zero tolerance policy when it comes to crime. one will not be judged but what happen in the past but if resident is accused of a crime he or she will need a reasonable explanation or they will immediately get kicked out.
My ideal community would be in Florida near Orlando because there is just something about Disney world that brings a smile to everybody's face, and not to mention Orlando is a great brain gain city since it has a lot of business because of its theme parks.
In my opinion, Florida has the best climate not too cold but never too hot, the beaches are always near by and not to mentioned our fresh water lakes are amazing so my ideal community would be near all theses wonderful places experiencing all the benefits of Florida's wonderful climate and it brain gain lifestyles.
To finish this presentation off I hope I gave a good idea of what my ideal community looks like. From its population to it ecological footprints I have mentioned everything that I would like to experience if it was to be real.
Thank you
The end!
Physical Structure....
My community will be based on four types of housings; family houses, apartments, and split floor townhouses and farms raging from $900-$3000 prices varies depending on space needed
Every 40 houses or so a park or recreational area will be placed for entertainment, family pets will have their own separate park for safety.
Office buildings and other shopping centers will be provided and up for lease if open.
Shopping centers will include the following; movie theaters, shopping mall, grocery stores, and utilities stores. Office spaces with include firms, clinics and any other business one would like to invest in.
Power panels will eliminate more than a few power lines .
water pipes will run under the houses making it easier for people to walk and enjoy the community.
Farms will provide the agriculture needed, cutting back lots of wrapped up packaging.
For starters I love a diverse environment which means no race, ethnicity nor sexual orientations will be denied to live in my utopia. Social class does not matter as long as you are able to pay your bills everything will be fine.
When it comes to age, I do not like to discriminate but one does have to be older than 18 to purchase or rent in the community.
Household capacities is not important I feel that family is everything and should always stick together.
My community will definitely be animal friendly as long as the owners pick up after them

Population cont....
People will not be assessed on their social class nor be distributed. The people will have a choice of where they would like to live. My community will be able to accommodate up too 2500 people and growing.
My ideal community will consist of different types of jobs no body will be denied or judge upon the jobs that they do. Our community will also offer job in case people would like to work in the community itself. Some examples are local grocery stores, firms, security offices, and other local stores shopping centers.

Government cont....
Waste collection will be twice a week, this community will be environmental friendly, so everybody will be encouraged to recycle.
Public utilities (electricity, water) will be included in the monthly rent or mortgage.
Transportation will be provided for those who love to take a small cruise once in a while around the community or if they simply want to visit our entertainment or shopping centers. The community will provide shuttles that will be going around at certain time on a regular schedules.
Ecological Footprints....
My ideal communities would have power panels which will help with the reduction of electricity.Most of the appliances in the households will be energy efficient making it cheaper for residents. Also most foods will come from our farms meeting the sustainable ecological footprints.
Food resources that will not be provided by the farms will be bought and sold at convenient grocery stores.
Energy will be provided by power panels and the city in case there is power outage.

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