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The Way Forward

No description

Byron Williamson

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of The Way Forward

A Basic Strategy of Building Inroads as the Recruiting Manager for Convergys The Way Forward Where Have We Been?/Where Are We Going? External Recruiting Driving the Convergys Brand Focus on Change Management:

Schedule individual statuses with trainer and Senior Regional Manager:
Discuss successes and failures of previous strategies used
Establish 30/60/90 day plan of action for the Olathe site
Schedule statuses with Recruiting Team:
Determine individually how each team member likes to be led
Identify future developmental needs Team Development Establish an open-door culture with recruiting team:
Solicit feedback to gauge the effectiveness of my leadership
Schedule monthly statuses with team
Utilize developmental plans to mitigate weakness
Prepare and develop team members for future promotional opportunities
Assist team in initiating mentor relationships that will aid in developmental process Broadening Partnerships Focus on team building with recruiting team:
Identify preferred communication style
Determine preferred management style
Recognition program enhancement:
Utilize queries from ATS for insight into retention
Establish incentive-based recognition that is tied to individual recruiting performance Building Internal Relationships Status with Operations Managers:
Focus on building rapport in order to become a strategic business partner
Gain insight on requisition needs by establishing times to spend with Agents in their work setting
Schedule chat sessions with Agents:
Gain insight into why they like working for Convergys
Determine how they were recruited
Evaluate core roles and competencies for top performing agents College connections:
MidAmerica Nazarene University, Adult and Professional Studies Division- students looking for career changes during degree completion
Partner with Johnson County Community College career center to evaluate prospective candidates
Develop relationship with the Olathe Human Relations Commission to build community partnerships Foster community relationships:
Develop volunteer events that are pertinent to members of the Convergys team
Utilize health and wellness initiatives to build relationships with other community partners
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