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Verb To Be

No description

Katherine Blanco

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Verb To Be

For what do we use the Verb To Be?
To talk about names, professions, age, nationalities, feelings and marital status.
Structure of sentences
Subject + Verb to be conjugated + Complement.
Negative sentences
Subject + Verb to Be + Not+ Complement
You can use contractions to express your sentence in a r way.
I am Daniel.
He is a doctor.
They are nurses.
Your are fromBrazil.
She is sick.
We are married.
Verb to be as an auxiliary
Main verb + auxiliary verb = complete idea

Verb To Be
By: Teacher Katherine Blanco Villamil
This verb is vry important in English because we can use it
to do several forms and in every tense.
Some meanings of the verbto be are:
As you can see the verb to be is conjugated
depending on the subject. In the next slide
You will see how you can do that.
Example: She is not a doctor.
She is a housewife.
Verb to be + subject+ complement + ?
Example: Are you 20 years old?
Yes, subject + verb to be + complement
No, subject + verb to be+ not+ complement
Example: Yes, I am 20 years old. or No, I am
not 20 years old.
Verb to be can be use as an auxiliary verb to complete an idea in continuing actions in the following manner:
We will see this continuous actions in the next units.
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