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Marketing Project: Pinkberry

No description

Wei Kong

on 1 December 2010

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Transcript of Marketing Project: Pinkberry

Wealthy, trendy, health conscious consumers

People of all social classes
Dessert lovers who care about their bodies and will appreciate the organic, 100% fresh ingredients that Pinkberry provides Red Mango
200 stores
16 countries
25 states in U.S.
Slightly higher prices than Pinkberry.

4 international locations
30+ locations in the U.S.
“Italian frozen yogurt” and Seattle’s Best Coffee.


Local Competitors Natural and organic frozen yogurt, smoothies, fruit parfaits and fruit bowls.
Seasonal flavors and toppings $1.99 - $9.99
"More for the same" Expanded from California to international locations
Urban/high-end areas, suburbs, airports and college campuses Social media and networking
American Express Diversity
Brand equity
Designs and decorations
Healthy ingredients
Pleasant environment A false accusation
Lawsuits claiming
Small stores lead to long lines Brand Partnerships
New market segments
Franchise opportunities
“Habitual Product” Competition
“Trend” Factor--FAD
Fluctuation of fruits prices Sales promotions and social media
“Free Pinkberry Friday” Social and Viral marketing Average Pinkberry customer
Breakfast “More for the more” Minimal sales of parfaits
The stores must be open in time
Open “parfait stands” Promotional ventures
Increase of differentiation Brand equity
Maximize the market share Product
Quality and consistency
Adjustments and improvements
With promises for success
Personalization of stores to the community
Partner with other brands
Pinkberry Loyalty card
Price Thank You! Heavier advertising
Reginonal segmentations
Goal defining
Differentiation using social environment Questions? One of the leading frozen yogurt brands

First store opened in January 2005 by Shelly Hwang and Young Lee 5 in Los Angeles, CA

All organic products, impeccable service, unique dining atmosphere

A groupie-like following
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