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Tyres - Adam Thorpe

No description

avya kakkad

on 29 June 2016

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Transcript of Tyres - Adam Thorpe

Relevance of the tittle!
The narrator relates his life and others life to tyres
The narrators dad owns a Tyre shop
Passionate about his work and very dedicated.
Main Theme
True Young love
World War 2
Father-Son relationship
life passing us by
ordinary vs extraordinary.
Raoul - Narrator
Shy - He takes years to take to Cecile
Faithful - Even after Cecile's death he doesnt marry and lays flowers at the place she died every year.
Typical Teenage boy - Lazy, Easily distracted, attracted towards a girl.
Holds his father's opinion in high regard.
Didnt think himself as worthy of Cecile.
Andre - Father
Hard working and determined
Always gave his best at the work - triple checked everything and warned Raoul for cutting corners.
Thought safety on road of his customers was his responsibility ( Mme. Renouvin died in a car accident and Andre did not eat for days!
Takes pride in his work and is passionate but did not take risks
Role model for his son
Didnt stand up against Germans.
Associated with the resistance
Not afraid of death
Seemed to trust Raoul (hinted Raoul she was a part of the resistance)
Did not say much but important for the plot

German Officer
''looming'' - thus he has a threatening feel to him
Flirty with Cecile
Symbolizes the oppression of the german forces
Important Quotes!
“There was the inner tube, and the outer casing of hard rubber. I always saw these as the body and the soul”
“Life would go by us, and now and again stop”
“I am proud of our business”
“I learnt to see a tyre as sad, when its chin lay flat on the ground, melting away – and when it was fat and full it bounced, it was so happy”
“You might be sending that man to his death”
“The blessed Trinity, my father called it: the check, the double-check, and the Holy-Ghost check”
“The road passed by us in a blur”
“These boys, they are free. You are not”
““We are all battered,” she said”
“Her existence might suddenly be perilous”
“Nothing can be relied on except death, and so forth”
“…when the bolts were turning tighter on our world”
“I lost more completely than most men lose”

Possible Questions
Adam Thorpe
Raoul is a boy normal teenage boy working with his father in a tyre garage. He notices a girl that cycles past their shop everyday. Raoul likes the girl. Raoul is a shy boy and doesnt have courage to talk but once he does there seems to be a love affair between raoul and cecile. Cecile is involved in the resistance.
All the members suspected of the French Resistance Movement (the Maquis) are killed.
A german officer comes to raouls shop and he messes with the tyre of the german officer (does not fill air properly). A little ahead of the tyre shop Cecile's bike had broken down so the german officer offers her a ride. Just after she gets into the car it crashes and bursts into flames. This leaves raoul horrified and helpless. Not only had his love died but that it was his fault. He thought he was doing the right thing resisting the germans. This was a flashback ! After 20 years since the incident Raoul remains faithful to Cecile and did not marry or have any children of his own
Techniques used by author ?
Building anticipation
Stream of consciousness
Rural France
German occupied France
Tyre garage
World war 2

Why does Raoul feel a sense of pride when he sees the sign which says Andre Paulhan et Fils?
2. Andre Paulhan is a pragmatic man. How did this influence his attitude towards the Germans?
3. Why did he advise Raoul against getting involved with the Maquis?
4. How did the war affect the lives of the people in the village? How did it affect the work in the garage?
5. What makes Raoul intentionally destroy the inner tube of the tyre that he has fitted in the Gestapo officer’s car?
6. At the end, Raoul’s grief is in equal measure tinged with guilt. Why was this so?
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