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Qing Dynasty

No description

Rose Wenger

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Qing Dynasty

The Qing Dynasty
Personal Profile
The dynasty is called Qing, Manchu, or Ch'ing.
News Feed
This is a time of peace.The emperors that were ruling during that time were K'ang-hsi (1661-1722) and Ch'ien-lung (1735-96). These rulers promoted education and confucian scholorships. They also loved to conquer other rulers/territories and they were sucsessful at it. Then religen got in the way and the country was never the same during that period.
Photo Album
These are my picture look at them!
By Emily Wenger and Taylor Miller
This dynasty started in 1644 to about 1912.
Shunzhi 1644-1661
Kangxi 1661-1722
Yongzheng 1723-1735
Qianlong 1736-1795
Jiajing 1796-1820
About Me
Who and When?
Daoguang 1821-1850
Xianfeng 1851-1861
Tongzhi 1862-1874
Guangxu 1875-1908
Puyi 1909-1911
This dynasty started when the old emporor, Chongzhen, committed suicied. He was the last of the Ming dynasty. Then the entire country went into chaos. The Chinese enlisted the Manchu (Qing) to stop the invaders and they did, succesfully. Once they achieved the task they started to absorb the Chinese culture. They were an extremely aggressive people, so they continued to eliminate the rest of the Ming dynasty. They were successful in this, however, their population grew above and beyond the economic growth. The Qing didn't know what to do with this problem. Unhappily they made an agreement with the Europeans, tobacco for tea. Tea became so popular that in less than 100 years, they went from shipping 100 lbs. to over 5 million lbs. per year. At this point they began to ship porcelain along with the tea since clay and craftsmen were abundant. Once the Europeans learned to mass produce the porcelain, which they did at a fraction of the cost, they stopped buying it from China. This meant China lost one main source of their income. China has now become vulnerable to the opium trade which they strongly opposed because they knew the power of addiction opium had on people. There was an official Chinese resistance to trading for opium which led to two trade wars in which they failed. This led to the destruction of the Qing dynasty.
Around Town
The possible jobs are: Trader, Potter, Tea Farmer, Soldier, Teacher, Painter, Vendor ect.
Mostly everyone was equal.
The educated are: mostly everyone was educated.
Status Updates
(1644) Emperor Chongzhen commited suicide.
This is the flag the Qing dynasty used.
Emperor Kangxi tought his kids to recite a book 120 times.
This yummy dish is called cat ear because of the way the noodles are shaped.
Likes and Interests
Where you can reach me!
Basic Information:
(1683) The Manchus gained control over all of China.
(1740) Still in period of Pax Sinica (Peace in China)
(1804) China rocked by the White Lotus Rebellion.
(1842) Ended first opium trade war.
(1860) Fought against Britain and France (2nd opium war).
(1911) The Qing dynasty collapsed.
A book written in this dynasty was the novel "Dream of the Red Chamber"
Important people in this period are all the emperors and emperesses, The Queen of England.
Many people liked to do pottery, literature, art and painting.
If you have a need that needs to be adderessed send it to
the palace in Beijing.
Friend Status Update
"I love tea!"- The Queen of England
News Feed
The tea trade was a main source of income for the Chinese, because their were to many people in China and not enough jobs. Once they got used to trading with the English they also started to trade China. They got used to this but then the Enghish found out that they can mass produce the China and the tea was not coming in fast enough. Then the Chinese got addicted to Opium that's when every thing went down hill.
This is a picture of my father! He just got this done by a professional!
Mother just took me shopping! Look at this beautiful dress she got me.
This is my army it's really big and is ready to conqeur other dynasty!
These are my rings that I have on all the time.It has been passed down for generations.
This is a coin that I have in my vault.I use this to pay people who work for me.
Inside of my palace. Where I live and control my dynasty.
This is some food I get fed everyday.I get to choose.
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