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Ben Goulder Media Evaluation

My media evaluation

Ben Goulder

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Ben Goulder Media Evaluation

In our media product we used the typical
convention of a film noire. We did this by
making our OTS (Opening Title Sequence)
Black and white. We did this because in the
brief it was a major convention that we had
to address. The typical conventions of film noire
are the characters, background, Clothes
and having the movie in black and white. We made our character very mysterious,
and used specific props to give the viewer
the impression that he was an alcoholic
and gambler. We did this by having the
main character asleep surrounded by drink
and poker chips and cards which symbolise
him as a person. Here is a print screen from my blog.
It contains the film noire characteristcis
of a Male actor. We placed a wind soundtrack over the
top of our product. We did this because
when we looked into film noire they used
strange sounds to try and make the audience
feel unconfortable. Enhanced wind was used
in a film to try and hint to the audience that
something bad was going to happen. We
thought that we could use this to try and hint
to the audience. Me And My Project My name is Ben Goulder and this is
me on the right of this picture. Because I havnt done media before,
I thought that I would be clueless
and find it hard. Here is a screen shot of our character
and his surroundings. In what ways does your media product use, develop
or challenge forms and conventions of real media
products? Here is an image of a typical film noir
male actor. Here is a screen shot from my blog
about target audience How does your media product represent
particular social groups? What kind of media institution might
distribute your media product and why? Who would be your audience for your
media product? How did you attract/address your audience? What have you learnt about technologies
from the process of constructing this product? Looking back at your preliminary task, what
do you feel you have learnt in the progression
from start to the full product? Here is a printscreen from my blog
about semiotics When we decided on our storyline we
created characters that would fit the
plot very well. We then had to decide
what we wanted our characters to wear.
We portrayed our main character as a
casual man who's life had been taken
over drink and gambling. We dressed
him in casual jeans and a black shirt to
show that he did have some class. Here is a print screen about cinematography from Jamie Reeves blog who is one of my group members. Cinematography BBFC Character representation Here is a print screen from my blog
on charatcer representation. We chose to make our OTS (Opening title sequence) a 15 certificate. We chose this age rating because of many different factors. The first one is that we thought an age range nearer to that of our actors would connect better and enjoy the film more. Another reason is that even though film noir is aimed at older people more we have include teenage actors to try and update it abit. In traditional film noir the male actorusually is the hero and saves the day. In our product we changed it so that the usual male actor wouldnt be the hero. Finally our opening title sequence ends with the main actor being killed, this gets the audience thinking whether its the start or the end of the film.
The main consumer age is 15-19. If we wanted
to create an 18 rated film it would have being
virtually impossible. They contain lots of gore,
sexual scenes and the use of drugs. Another
reason why we couldn't make an 18 rated film
is because the main consumer age wouldnt be
able to watch the film. An international conglomirate is a very large company that own many smaller companies. They can have there own distrubution companies, cinemas etc. Examples of International conglomorates are Warner Brothers, Paramount, Dreamworks. An independant company isn't anywhere near the size of an international conglomorate. They do not own any distrubution companies or cinemas so they have to pay seperate companies to do that for them. They do not have the capital to have there own branches of companies. Some examples are Summit Entertainment, Optimum Releasing We are media students and dont have much capital so we would be more likely to be an independant film maker because we made our film on a very low budget and also we do not own any other companies like a International congolmorate. We thought that the best way to address our audience was to first find out the income brackets and social standing groups. Once we had found out this information we could then try and attract the audience that we have picked. There are many different ways in which we could do this. The cheaper ways and the ones we would proberly use are: Virals, internet adverts, newspaper or magazines. The more expensive ways would be Television adverts, Cinema adverts, Billboards etc. I am new to media and throughtout this project I have
learnt many things, such as editing a piece of footage into a short film, learning about different consumer groups, and how sound and colour are used in films. I was put in charge in finding out information about titles and how they are used. Titles are used to shortern an article or film
into one or more words. This tells the viewer
alot of information in just a word or short
phrase. above is a post from my blog about
titles. When we had filmed all the footage that we needed we had to edit it into our OTS. (Opening Title Sequence) I have never edited before so I was taught by my group and then edited our film into our final product. A cinema advert would most likely be used by an international conglomorare because they have alot of money to put the advert on the cinema or they will own there own cinema's like warner brothers. I feel I have learned alot of different techniques throughout this project., from camera angles to sound and also time management. When we were given the task of producing a short continuity film using the techniques we had being briefed about. We only had a maximum of 45 minutes to film the piece of footage. The main task however we were given a much larger time scale of 2 months to film, edit and add titles to create the finished product. Time management was key here and we had to try and stick to an effective time plan. This didnt go to plan and we ended up filming very late into the project. Examples of social groups. Teenagers Elderly People When we were creating our continuity task we didnt have much time to plan every shot. We didnt use very many camera angles in our preliminary task because of the time scale we had. This changed in our final piece because we had alot of time to plan the scenes and the types of shot we wanted. We filmed a shot from many different angles and then chose which one we thought was best. Here are some screen shots of different camera angles we used in our OTS ( Opening Title Sequence
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