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Al Capone and the Prohibition Era

No description

Matthew Gibson

on 5 October 2016

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Transcript of Al Capone and the Prohibition Era

Who is Al Capone?
Al Capone also known as "Scarface" rose to power as head of the Chicago Outfit during the Prohibition Era. He amassed a personal fortune estimated at 100 million dollors
When the 18th amendment was passed banning the sale, production, and transportation of alcohol, many crime organizations turned to bootlegging. Bootlegging was the smugging of liquor into and throughout the United States.
Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
During the late 1920's gang warfare ruled the streets of Chicago. This rash of violence reached it's climax on February 14, 1929. When seven men associated with George "Bugs" Moran, an enemy of Capone, they were shot and killed. This was never offically linked to Capone, but he was considered responsible.
About Al Capone
Prohibition Era
The Prohibition Era lasted from 1920 to 1933. During the Prohibition Era it was illegal to produce and sell alcohol. The Prohibition Era started because of the temperance movement. The temperance movement was an organized effort to stop the consumption of alcohol.
Al Capone and the Prohibition Era
At the age of 14 Capone was expelled from school and never returned. It was then he met Johnny Torrio a known gangster, who taught him the importance of maintaining a respected front while running an illegal business.
Bootlegging was also the start of a very popular sport today, Nascar. The bootleggers would soup up their cars to get away from the cops. Soon they started to race each other, and thus Nascar was born.
Matthew Gibson
Tyler Cole
3rd period
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