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"I Have a Dream" - Los Angeles's Summer Program:

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Taylor Ikemiya

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of "I Have a Dream" - Los Angeles's Summer Program:

"I Have a Dream" - Los Angeles's Summer Program:
Introducing Technology Skills to the Dreamers

My Mission
What I Taught
Flash drives:
how to correctly use a flash drive to save documents, images, and documents

specifically MLA format

how to create a spreadsheet, use a spreadsheet, and input data

reliable sources, Googling pointers, working in groups gathering information, citing sources

Internet Safety:
safe sources, safe websites, social media

creating presentations from scratch, designing presentations

presentation tips, speaking skills
Overall Experience
- Truly
amazing experience to work with youth
near my hometown

Different perspectives

- Fun for myself as well as the Dreamers, but also a really great

learning experience

because the Dreamers demonstrated they understood the lessons

- Excellent opportunity for
field research and learning how a non-profit functions

- Provide a
technology class
for the Dreamers during their 5 week Summer Program

- Teach the students
computer skills and programs
for high school

- Help the Dreamers
learn how to work together
on assignments

- Provide them with
access to technology in a safe environment
"I Have a Dream" - Los Angeles
Mission Statement
"Our mission is to help underprivileged children become productive citizens by providing a long-term program of academic enhancement, mentoring, and cultural enrichment with an assured opportunity for higher education."

What IHADLA Does for the Dreamers

IHADLA selects an entire class of third graders at an underperforming, underserved school in a low-income neighborhood
, regardless of each student’s academic level or disability.

- They make a
long-term commitment to provide free year-round programs, services, and individualized case management
for 10 consecutive years through high school graduation and into college.

Provides a comprehensive program that prepares students for higher education
through academic support, social-emotional development, college and career prep, campus visits, tutoring, cultural enrichment, drug, crime, and pregnancy prevention programs, and one-on-one mentoring.
The Dreamers
- Attend school in
Inglewood Unified School District

7th and 8th graders of Programs 16 and 17

- Highly
motivated, resourceful, and intelligent
group of students
Why This is Important
- Presenting
learning opportunities
for students who would otherwise not have them

Introducing technology to children
to get them interested

Demystify technology

Develop necessary skills
in a safe learning envrionment before many of their classmates
GIIP's Contributions
Time, energy, effort, support and dedication

- Teaching
viable skills
through courses 30A, B, and C

Grant money
to implement the program as well as funds for
necessary supplies

- The
tools, resources, and guidance
to properly teach students and
develop professional relationships
Weekly/ Daily IHADLA Summer Program Schedule
The Dreamers Working Together on Research
Donor and Volunteer (Miss Anne) and a Dreamer at a Summer Program Field Trip to the Aquarium of the Pacific
Dreamers Enjoying Their Time at the Touch Tanks
Miss Morgan, Program Director for Programs 16 and 17
Group Picture of the Dreamers Outside The Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach
Assisting Dreamers with their Projects
Keeping the Dreamers' Work Organized with Folders and Baskets
Dreamers Deciding on Which Image to Use in Their Powerpoint
Teaching the Dreamers
One of the Classrooms the Summer Program was Held In
Teaching Powerpoint Basics
Dreamers Presenting Their Completed Powerpoint
Dreamers Working Hard on Their Projects
Thank You!
By: Taylor Ikemiya
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