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Zavod Zmag - Part1

No description

Logytics Group

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of Zavod Zmag - Part1

We are ZAVOD Institute
Institute for revival of small and medium enterprises with the use of crowdfunding
for Small Business
You have an Idea
Start it
With massive funding from crowd
Crowdfunding Campaigns
First ever "All-in-one iPad Mount & Stand"
Marko Cadez
Nov 12, 2012 - Dec 12, 2012
Julie Uhrman
63,416 backers helped
A New Kind of Video Game Console
Elvis Halilović
got support
from crowdfunding
Story continues....
Mick Leach
for the project
Marina Abramovic's
dreams come true
with crowdfunding
Members of ZMAG institute are enthusiastic hard working volunteers. We operate in different areas: telecommunications, computer science, electrotechnics, design, biotechnology but most of our members are involved with law in its many forms and practices
ZMAG institute is a spin-off from ThinkTank "Vision of Slovenija". It stands for institute for revival of small and medium enterprises with the use of crowdfunding.
We want to help prepare a legal and operational platform for crowdfunding in all its forms


To aid and assist with the revival of small and medium businesses in Slovenia, which is currently stagnant due to the fact that investments are extremely hard to come by at the present state of the worldwide economy.

To assure additional investment potential from Slovene and foreign investors.

To create new growth opportunities and business ventures

To lessen the crippling effect of bureaucratic obstacles on business development
Goals of ZMAG institute
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