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Capucine Matte

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of WW1

Gallipoli front during World War 1
By Federica, Capucine and Amy

Overview of the Gallipoli War
Why was this battle so important?
Gallipoli has become a legend for Australia
It was their first battle as an independent country.
Impact on Australia and New Zealand
Winston Churchill and Earl Kitchener
Ottoman victory
Winston Churchill and Earl Kitchener elaborated the Gallipoli plan
The Impact on the war
• Approximately 142421 soldiers were killed
• Approximately 225000 soldiers were wounded
• 4 Allie battleships were sunk
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• Sail through to the Turkish capital Istanbul
• Knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war
• Open the root to Russia
• Exclusively employ naval warfare

The battle lasted 8 months
It started on the 25th of April 1915
ended on the 9th of January 1916
Elis Silas
What were the countries involved in the Gallipoli battle?

Were approximately is Gallipoli situated?

Name the people who elaborated the first Gallipoli plan.

Name one of the ship which was sunk during the second naval battle.

What was the "code name" for the Australian and New Zealand troops?

Why is it important in Turkish History?

Study of Amphibious warfare
The mistakes done by the soldiers were later studied and improved
What was learned was used in Normandy (1994) and in the Falklands (1982)
last victory before empire crumbled
Helped create the idea of an independent turkey
First president of Turkey; old commander during the war
Still remembered in songs and sayings

most important commemoration in military history
known as ANZAC day
established a sense of national identity
Impact on Britain
Resulted in political conflict
Dissolution of Asquith government
Political and military careers were damaged- including Churchill's
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