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The Nazca Lines

No description

Georgia Reynolds

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines
The Nazca Lines are located in the Sechura Desert, also known as the Nazca Desert, and runs along the Pacific Ocean and beside the Andes Mountain Range in Southern Peru.
Who Built It?
Nazca Culture/Cahuachi Culture
Maria Reiche
Significance of the lines
How was it Built?
Georgia Reynolds
Historcal Analysis
Who discovered them?
Paul Kosok
American Professor and first serious researcher of the Nazca lines.
German Archaeologist, worked alongside Paul during the research of the lines.
Lost one of her fingers to frostbite
The lines consist of Biomorph's, which are around 70 animal and plant figures and Geoglyph's which are geometric forms that include lines, triangles, spirals and circles.
Alien Enthusiasts think that the lines were created by Extraterrestrials because look like crop circles
Scholars believe the Lines to be made by the Ancient Nazca Tribe because they were situated closest to the location of the Lines.
The Nazca Culture was similar to the Mayan and Inca cultures, and invented their own sophisticated aqua duct system.
The designs are shallow lines created by bushing aside the reddish desert pebbles to uncover the white sandy ground underneath. They are over 2000 years old.
Religious Purpose
One theory is that the lines were created so large so that they could be admired by a god or idol that the Nazca People believed in.
Alien Architects
The alien theorist believe that the designs are marks from UFO's because some of the lines look similar to runways.
Harvest Reminder
Scholars believe that the lines may have been used to keep track of the position of the moon, sun and stars.
Power and Control
Another theory suggests that the lines could have been used as a form of rigid social control by the emperor at the time to enforce rules and could be used as punishment.
Map For Water system
Because the Nazca people had an advanced irrigation system the one theory suggests the lines are a way of remembering where they are underground
Astrological Meaning
Paul Kosok proposed an astrological Meaning to the lines like the pyramids in Egypt.
The lines have inspired artworks by Peruvian-American artist John Pescoran.
The lines show how intelligent
and creative the Nazca people were, without a person in the sky they were able to create sophisticated symbols and straight lines, this ability also reflects on their advanced aqueduct system.
Nazca Burials
Thank you for listening!
The figures?
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