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The First Americans

Incomplete without Narration -- Detailing the Peopling of the Americas

Jeff Schommer

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of The First Americans

Beringia The First Americans From Beringia to the Eve of Contact glaciation lowered sea levels
land connected Asia & North America
land exposed twice in history
between 28kya & 26kya
between 20kya & 10kya Giant Ground Sloth Bison Humans followed prey animals onto a new continent Yukon Horse Woolly Mammoth
and Smilodon
(Saber-tooth Cat) Migration Deeper into the Americas Geography influenced Pre-Columbian Civilizations South, along the pacific coast
South, through a break in the glaciers
East, after glaciers receded (then south along Atlantic Coast) Chilkat Weaving Totem Poles Tribes of the Pacific Northwest A Bit of Native American Regional Variety Bison Hide Painting Tribes of the Great Plains Weaving Pottery Tribes of the Southwest Chickee Basket Weaving Tribes of the Southeast Lacrosse Masks Tribes of the Northeast Ancient Pueblo Peoples
irrigated crops
Pueblos (villages)
trading networks Serpent Mound, Adams County, OH Mounds Park, St. Paul, MN Mound Ceremony, Effigy Mounds, IA Irrigation of Maize Hohokam Canal Excavation, 1960 Within about 20,000 years, humans occupy the entire stretch of land from Alaska to Patagonia Alaska Tiera del Fuego Longhouse Mud House Plank House Not covered by glaciers
Grassland & marshland Mississippians
Ceremonial Complex
Vast trade networks
Hierarchies Salmon Beans & Corn Teepee Cabbage Palm Corn & Squash
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