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No description

Karen Callis

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of sugar

Sugar By Hayden Franks
Weight gain
Bad eating habits
Sugar is healthy. We all know it makes us happy and gives us energy but,did you know it has other benifits? It is good for your skin,helps blood and insalin and makes you full. Other things you should know: Natral sugars have natral nutriants and are less prosesed.
When you eat sugar there can be both good and bad effects in your body
another con
one last con
Health problems
More Pros
It gives you energy
Easly metabelized
Natural sugars are less prosseced,are better to envirement,and have natural nutrients
Sugar dosen't give you diabetes
(acording to my research)
It makes you happy
it's good for your skin
Helps blood and insalin
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