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Country Profile

Bridget Donovan

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Egypt

By Bridget Donovan
Hour 4 Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Government: Republic
Current Leader: Hosni Mubarak Land Area: 995,450 sq km
Percent of Arable Land:2.92%
Highest Point of elevation: Mount Catherine
2,629 m
Lowest Point: Qattara Depression -133 m Maps Population: 78,866,635
Population Density: 192/sq MI
Life Expectency: 72 Male:69
Female: 74 Infant Mortality: 27.26 deaths
Literacy: 71.4%
Male: 83%
Female: 59%
Unemployment: 9.7%
Percent Below Poverity Line: 20% Two Largest Ethnic Groups
Egyptian 99.6%
Other .4%
Religious Groups
Sunni Muslim 90%
Coptic 9% Top 3 Exports:
crude oil and petroleum products
cotton, textiles
metal products

Top 3 Imports:
machinery and equipment
Currency: Egyptian Pound (EgP)
1 Egytian pound=.18132 US Dollar Number of Cell phones: 55.35 million

Current News Events: Ethiopia Accuses Egypt of Stalling Talks on Sharing Nile Water
Ethiopia and six other downstream countries plan to sign a new accord that will redistribute rights to water from the Nile. Egypt and Sudan, the two-largest consumers of Nile water, have refused.
Egypt claims 55.5 billion cubic meters (14.5 trillion gallons) of the Nile’s annual flow under a 1959 treaty with Sudan

http://www.businessweek.com/news/2010-04-20/ethiopia-accuses-egypt-of-stalling-talks-on-sharing-nile-water.html Current Events Continued... Tourists stranded in Egypt due to ash cloud
Thousands of tourists holidaying in Egypt were stranded at airports across the country on Monday due to the volcano in Iceland
Popular tourist spots like Sharm el-Sheikh were especially affected, with cancellations of half the flights
Estimated 17,000 tourists were stranded

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