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Library Tour Orientation 2012

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University Library

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of Library Tour Orientation 2012

Different types of study space and seating Short Loan & Hold Shelf Entry Gates Welcome Desk Cafe 1413 PCs Helpdesk Self -Service
Borrow & Return Bookable Group Study Rooms Search DVD collection and reference material Print, Copy and Scan LEVEL 2 3 4 Mon-Thurs: 08.00 - 02.00
Fri: 08.00-00.00
Sat: 10.00-00.00
Sun: 10.00-02.00 Main University Library Borrowing Fines :-( We do have fines...

Long loan (overdue) - £0.20 per day

Long loan (recalled) - £1.00 per day

Multiple Copy (overdue) - £0.50 per day

Multiple Copy (recalled) - £1.00 per day

Audio visual - £1.00 per day

Short loan - £0.50 per hour Academic Liaison Team Academic Liaison Librarians Academic Liaison Officers Contact us! What's allowed? Level 2 Level 2
General Zone allows:
Soft drinks/hot drinks
Cold food/snacks
Mobile phones
Talking/group work Search from the Library home page (http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/library/) or click the link to open the catalogue. Click on the title of the book or item you want.
Main Library -
on the shelf in the Main Library.
on the shelf in the JF Allen Library (North Haugh)
St Mary's -
on the shelf in St Mary's College Library (South Street)
Main Library Store -
not on the shelf - needs to be Recalled
If the Location indicates it is in the library -

note down the classmark to help you find it on the shelf.
Tells you how long you can have the item -

Short Loan: 4 hours (overnight, weekends)
Multiple Copy (MC): 1 week
Normal: 4 weeks In Library - on the shelf
In Store - needs to be recalled
Due - someone else has it (can be recalled) The Library is FREE!*

*apart from fines, photocopy & printing charges, and Inter-Library Loans (£1 per request for Undergrads)

More info about Inter-Library Loans:

Subject Guides give lots of information, links to databases, videos and advice about specific subjects - they are updated regularly.

Reading Lists link directly to the article and books you need for specific courses.

Get to the guides and reading lists from 'Finding Information' on the Library homepage. Click on Subject Guides or Reading Lists 2 When you recall a book from the Main Library or from the Main Library Store, pick it up from this shelf. Look for your last name. You need your ID card for the entry gate. The water fountain is cold water only! Toilets on each floor beside the stairway. During semester
the Helpdesk is open:
Monday-Friday 09.00-21.00
Saturday 10.00-17.00
Sunday 11.00-18.00 Ask here for IT or Library help. Instant Message us from the Library homepage. Fill in a feedback card and enter a draw to win a month's worth of coffee! Find us on FaceBook. Tweet us @StAndUniLib Email:
library@st-andrews.ac.uk Call us:
+44 (0)1334 462283 Book online (check the webpages)

Or scan your card at the door, if the room is free. Subject Guides &
Reading Lists Search the Library catalogue
(SAULCAT) Semester opening hours: Longer during exams! Almost everything...almost Hilda Colin Vicki Beth (Vicki & Hilda) (Beth & Colin) For books on a topic use the keyword tab. Use Periodicals and Journals tab to search for journals. Check what items you've got out, renew books and place holds using Your Library Record.

Login with the barcode number on the back of your ID card. Welcome! Welkom mirëpres ترحيب ترحيب Ongi etorri স্বাগত добре дошъл benvinguda dobrodošli vítat Velkommen verwelkomen tervitama maligayang pagdating tervetuloa accueil willkommen ברוך הבא Üdvözöljük Velkomin selamat datang benvenuto Selamat Datang Merħba powitanie boas-vindas bun venit добро пожаловать

Vitajte Dobrodošli bienvenida Karibu välkommet karşılama Croeso Hold shelf Short Loan area next to the Helpdesk Search SEEKER from the Library homepage or click on the link. Type in your keywords,
a bit like Google. SEEKER searches most of our online databases and SAULCAT. The results will include articles and books and more! There are lots of different ways to refine your searches, by date and most importantly by what you can read online right away.* *We don't have subscriptions to everything you can find on SEEKER! Refine your results by date, access publication etc., here. Location Classmark Loan Type Status Subject Guides Reading Lists There are guides for most subjects and general library guides.

Guides contain videos, links, and subject specific information Type in your Module code, for example: MN5399

A list of the reading with links to the catalogue and online resources will open. Level 3 Most desks around the periphery of the Library have power sockets.
Other study spaces may not have power. A: General Works
B - BJL: Philosohy; Psychology
BL - BX: Religion
C - F: History
G - GN: Geopgraphy; Anthropology
H - HX: Economics; Sociology
J - K: Political Science; Law
L: Education
M: Music
N - NX: Fine Arts
P - PT: Language and Literature
Q: Science
R: Medicine
S - T: Agriculture; Technology
U - V: Military and Naval Science
Z: Bibliography Level 3 Books Classmark A- Z Classmark A- Z Some books are shelved on Level 4 Books at this end:
Outsize or Folio Books (Big books!)
Classmark fA - fZ Some books are on the catalogue but not on the shelves. If the Location on SAULCAT is
"Main Library Store"
you need to use the 'Recall' button
so we can get the items for you. Print, Copy & Scan Disabled Toilet is next to the lift Level 4 Library Teaching Room Print & Copy Journals perA - perZ Art History Art History Photography Government Publications Outsized (Folio) Journals perA-perZ Iranian (Books & Journals) NUC Catalogues BL Catalogues There are lots of different types of student spaces, but remember this is a SILENT level too!
SHHhhhhhh.................. You can find print journals here.
They are organised by Classmark perA - perZ In this example it is perHD20.M2 When you find the journal in SAULCAT look for the classmark. Outsized or Folio (Big) Journals are shelved after per Z There are some books on level 4 too... We are here to help!
Contact us with any questions. Ask at the Helpdesk Library@st-andrews.ac.uk Level 4
Silent Zone allows:
Drinks - no food
Mobile phones on silent
- no talking BL Catalogues NUC Catalogues Government Publications Iranian (Books & Journals) Art History Photography There are also 2 bookable group study rooms on Level 4 You are here! Floor plan How long?
short loan (4 hours, overnight, weekends),
multiple copy loan (a week),
normal loan (four week)
How many?
Undergraduates - 25 items
Postgraduates - 40 items Please remember this is a silent zone Other Libraries Group Study Room Level 3
Silent Zone allows:
Drinks - no food
Mobile phones on silent
- no talking http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/library/information/furtherhelp/learnthelibrary/ There is a Learn the Library video for the Self-Service machines too!
They are on the Library webpages: Look at our Learn the Library videos for demos of the different services in the Library. Or YouTube:
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