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10 reasons to travell

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Carlos Valdivieso

on 19 July 2014

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Transcript of 10 reasons to travell

1. New experiences enrich you
For instance, you could study languages in a foreign country, take part in a volunteer work program, go abroad to work in another country, or travel to a dreamed-about place.
2. Every place offers you something different
Each country or region will offer you a different way of life, culture, traditions, history, nature, art and architecture, philosophy of life or gastronomy.
10 reasons to travel
by Carlos Valdivieso
3. You will appreciate what you have even more
Travelling helps you realize that you are lucky to have things that other people don´t have in their countries.
5. You will confront new challenges
Establishing new markets or a business in another country, starting
a new way of life, discovering new realities, reaching the goals that you have dreamed about, taking part in activities that you have never done before, or living new experiences and adventures.
4. You will be able to meet new people
You will have the chance to get to know people who maintain conversations about their general vision of things, about life or any other topic that could result interesting for both sides.
6. You will develop different skills
Travelling helps you to develop managerial, social and human skills.
7. You will learn, "re-learn" and return with new ideas
On your travels you will be able to acquire knowledge or learn things that university, jobs or books can´t teach you; the way of life, history, culture and customs of every country you visit.
8. You will open your mind and adapt your point of view
On your travels you can build relationships with a lot of people of different social backgrounds, race or ethnic group, religion or philosophy, etc. With all of them you will be able to understand, almost with complete certainty, their way of working, thinking and living.
9. In addition to enriching as a person, you will acquire experiences and cultural knowledge
You come across people of other cultures and customs, face new challenges, live new adventures, meditate and fully contemplate nature.
10. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy life and you will be able to become a better person
All of these experiences, knowledge and reflections that you acquire along the way will enrich you personally and will enable you to make the most of life.
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