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The Night Face Up

No description

Jessie Posthumus

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of The Night Face Up

Dreams vs. Reality THE NIGHT FACE UP INCEPTION SUMMARY QUOTE •A man is in a motorcycle accident
•He is brought to the hospital where he dreams he is in flight during an Aztec war and must stay on a trail only known to Motecas
•He's awaken by the patient beside him and finds himself with a plaster cast on his arm
•After eating he falls back asleep and dreams that he is now off the trail and gets captured by an Aztec enemy
•He recalls the the strange loss of consciousness he felt after the accident before he falls asleep again
•He's tied to a slab by rope while the priest is carrying him away for sacrifice
•He's back at the hospital and speaks of drowsiness before returning to dream where he will be killed
•He tries to get back to reality in the hospital before realizing that was the dream “I dreamed I was a butterfly, flitting around in the sky; then I awoke. Now I wonder: Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly, or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?” Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming? MECHANICAL ANNALYSIS JUXTAPOSITION Definition: Placing two things side by side (contrasting)
- used throughout the entire story
-reality vs. dream
- in hospital, he believes he is dreaming of the Aztecs, although it is never made clear which is the dream and which is reality
- actions in dream relate to actions in reality
- leaping away from smells in “dream” causes him to almost fall off bed in reality

SENTANCE FLUENCY- flowing from reality to dream is very smooth
-uses triggers in either scenario to transition (smells, touch)
- effective because this puts emphasis on the differences and similarities between the two scenes THEME/IDEA ANALYSIS
The juxtaposition between reality and dreams

"He managed to close his eye-lids again, although he knew now he was not going to wake up, that he was awake, that the marvelous dream had been the other, absurd as all dreams are-a dream in which he was going through the stange avenues of an astonishing city...." (272) Do you know any other pieces with a similar theme? CARL JUNG •Worked for and with Freud.
•Believes the unconscious is crucial to psychological development.
•Developed Collective Unconscious theory.
•In order to be successful in the conscious world, one must listen to their subconscious. Collective Unconscious Theory:
•7 symbols shared by every human being.
•The Persona: symbolic of dreamer.
•The anima/animus: symbolic of masculine/feminine side of dreamer
•The shadow: symbolic of evil
•The wise elder: elder offering advice.
•The divine child: depiction of the pure form of the dreamer.
•The trickster: perceived as evil, but is actually trying to help.
•The great mother: seen as a provider of love
•These symbols are life aids that help overcome challenges. Do you believe that everyone is a part of a collective unconscious? - spend a third of your life sleeping
- the things that you dream about are real life situation, so therefore you are dreaming about real life occurrences, which means you've seen or done your dream in the past in some way
- therefore many believe your dreams are reality
- many dreams we don't remember because the average dream only lasts around 60 seconds to around 5 minutes and the dream either ends or we wake up but our Brains go through the same process wether asleep or awake
- (Alice in wonderland) "if I wasn't real, I shouldn't be able to cry" ARE DREAMS AN EXTENSION OF PHYSICAL REALITY? Article by Robert Lanza Have you ever had a re-occuring dream? Which reality
(in 'The Night Face Up') do you think was real? Solipsism -the philosophical theory that believes that one’s own mind is the only thing to surely exist
-Their reality, and the people around them are something they created in their head
-Ancient eastern philosophy explains that life is an illusion, as people believe that they are real when in reality
-They think that we are all a projection of someone’s reality
-They believe once you have achieved the ability to choose your reality, you can bend the laws of physics, gravity etc. Have you ever had the ability to control any of your dreams? Why do you think someone would confuse reality with their dreams? What do you notice about the two different settings? PSYCHOANALYTIC LITERARY CRITICISM - The author was known to have an extreme interest in fantasy
- ""I spent my childhood in a haze full of goblins and elves, with a sense of space and time that was different from everybody else's.""
- His desire for escapism is expressed through the fuzzy division lines between reality and the dream world
- Uses symbols such as the stone slab as the hospital bed, the torches as the hospital lights
- The amulet represents reality which he can go back to to protect him -A dream can seem every bit as real as our walking existence
-If we see how dreams can be completely real, then we can see reality as dreams
-Looking at different perspectives A man riding
his motercylce
in the city Gets in accident Brought to the hospital Has surgery Drifts into a dream Recalls an empitness Contiues to eat, sleep and dream in hospital Becomes trapped in his dream A man escaping from Aztecs Loses trail he was following Captured by Aztecs Wakes up tied to a slab Carried to Aztec temple
to be sacrified by preiest Cannot to escape to modern world Dream becomes reality Modern World
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