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No description

Angelica Coronado

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Hedgehogs

By: Angelica Coronado
Kristina Barraza

What is a hedgehog?
A hedgehog is an insect eating mammal that can be found throughout the world.
There are 14 known species of hedgehog found throughout Europe, Africa and Asia and have been introduced in New Zealand.
Life span is an average of 4-6 years and come in a variety of colors.
About Hedgehogs
Categories of Species
European Species
African Species
Long-Eared Species
Desert Species
Brown-Breasted Hedgehog
( Western or European Hedgehog)
White Breasted
(Eastern European Hedgehog)
Chocolate brown quills with brown underbelly fur
Has chocolate quills with white patch of fur across chest.
The Chinese Hedgehog

Quills are about the same as the Brown-Breasted except quill color variations can be extensive in this species
All three hedgehogs are 12-15 inches long and 700-1000 grams.

Family: Erinaceidae
Class: Mammalia
Order: Insectivora
Number of Genus (categories): 4
Number of Species: 14
Normal Temperature: 95.7-98.6 °F
Pulse: 180-280 BPM
Respiration: 25-50 per minute
Body Weight:
-Adult Male: 500-700 g
-Adult Female: 250-440 g

Quills are modified hairs that aren't very sharp.
Quills are filled with soft air pockets and have a hard cover.
Two large muscles on both sides of a hedgehog's back are used to raise and lower quills and help them curl into a ball.
This is a hedgehog's only defense.

Quilling is the stage in a young hedgehog where they begin to shed their baby quills and grow adult quills.
Quling usually starts at 8 weeks of age and last for 12 weeks.
Hedgehogs have an average of 5,000-7,000 quills.

Four Toed/White-Bellied Hedgehog
7-10 inches long
300-700 grams
Chocolate-brown and black banded quills with white underbelly fur.
Known as Four-Toed because it lacks the "great toe" on the back foot.
8-14 inches long
400-1000 grams
Chocolate-brown and cream banded quills with white underbelly fur
Algerian Hedgehog
Somalian Hedgehog
7-10 inches long
300-700 grams
Chocolate-brown and black banded quills.
Underbelly is white with brown on the rear.
South African Hedgehog
7-10 inches long
300-700 grams
Dark chocolate-brown and black banded quills with a well developed white band of fur across the forehead and underbelly fur is greyish brown
Long-Eared Hedgehog
7-10 inches long
300-700 grams
Quills are faintly grooved and are banded light brown.
Have long, flexible ears and long legs.
Hardwicke's Hedgehog
6-8 inches long
200-500 grams
Very dark brown banded quills with dark brown underbelly fur.
Central Chinese Hedgehog
(Hugh’s hedgehog)
Native to China
Almost extinct
Daurian Hedgehog
8-11 inches long
450-700 grams
Brown banded quills
Ethiopian Hedgehog
6-10 inches long
400-700 grams
Pale brown quills with dark legs.
Underbelly can be a mixture of brown, black and white or all brown. Well defined mask with broad white stripe on forehead.
Indian Hedgehog
5-7 inches long
300-400 grams
Pale brown quills, dark face mask and grey-white forehead.
Has a pointy nose and dark legs
Brandt's Hedgehog
9-12 inches long
500-900 grams
Very long, dark brown quills.
Unlike the others, there is no white band on the forehead.
Hedgehog Diet
Diet in the Wild:
Pet Diet:
Dry Cat food
Mink/Ferret food
Cooked poultry and egg
-Never raw!
Insects (mealworms, crickets)
Assorted fruits and vegetables
Hedgehog Housing
4 Sq. ft. and 0.37 Sq. Metres of space.
Solid ground
Hedgehog Wheel
Toilet Paper Tube
Small toys
Ferret-size ball under supervision
Food dish
Hamster water bottle
Pooper Scooper
Daily maintenance is needed as well!
Fun Facts
Hedgehogs are not rodents and they do not chew on things.
Baby hedgehogs are called hoglets
They are nocturnal.
Distant relatives to moles and shrews.
Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant. Dairy products should be hardly fed to hedgehogs.
Hibernation for pet hedgehogs can be lethal.
Hedgehogs can run up to 4.5 mph a second.
SEGA's mascot is a hedgehog.
Hedgehogs are illegal Arizona, California, Hawaii, Georgia, Maine, Pennsylvania and all over Canada.
Its recommended that males and females should be housed separately.
Health Problems
Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS)
A genetic disorder that causes progressive paralysis. There is no cure hedgehogs slowly become totally paralyzed.
Females suffer from ovarian, uterine and mammary tumors.
Males suffer jaw and testicular tumors.
Hedgehogs can lose their eyes from quill pokes from other hedgehogs. Infections can happen.
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