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Japan Seeks an Empire

No description

Hilda Gallardo

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Japan Seeks an Empire

Rise of Mussolini
Mussolini during World War I
Mussolini worked as writer for a socialist newspaper, "Avanti!", in 1912
However, he was banned from the newspaper after he expressed in beliefs that Italy should take a more active role in WWI.
After getting kicked out of Avanti!, Mussolini rejoined the military, but was wounded in 1917.
After being wounded in the war, he returned to civilian life and started his new ideology, Fascism.
Mussolini Takes Control
Promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces.
Mussolini was an extreme nationalist, which is the belief that your country is the greatest in the world.
Founded fascist party in 1919.
Mussolini promised to the Italian people that he would revive Roman greatness, and to restore Italy to the strongest country in the world.
The Blackshirts were members of the Italian fascist militias who followed Benito Mussolini after World War I.
Italy Attacks
Mussolini Attacks Ethiopia
Orders a massive invasion of Ethiopia.
Ethiopia was no match to Italy's technology and weapons.
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Il Duce
( The Leader)
Mussolini called himself Il Duce
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March on Rome
Demanded that the king of Italy put Mussolini in charge and the king agreed.
Abolishes Democracy and outlawed political parties except the Fascists.
Italy and Aggressor on the March
What do democratic nations do as a response?
Ethiopia asks for help from League of Nations.
League of Nations does nothing.
Britain allows Italy to pass through their controlled canal.
By allowing this Britain and France hoped to keep peace in Europe.
Japan Seeks an Empire
Emperor a symbol of state power
Extreme nationalists
Solve country's economic problems through foreign expansion.
Conquer China
Provide Japan with raw materials and markets for goods.
Japan Invades Manchuria and China
Manchuria is an area rich in coal and iron.
1935 Seizes Manchuria
Build mines and factories
Japan sends military into China and began the conflict between China and Japan.
League of Nations: the league protests but Japan ignores ad withdraws from League.
What was Japan hoping to accomplish by creating an empire in China?

What does Japan do with the League of Nations response?
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