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MEDTING Medical Images and Cases Exchange Portal

No description

Francisco Grau

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of MEDTING Medical Images and Cases Exchange Portal

Medical Images and Cases Exchange Portal
Medical images and clinical cases...?
What is MEDTING?
Let's get some background first:
The web is 2.0, the web is social
Health is next, and why not?
How this affect to us?
Connect with our patients, students, colleagues, clients...
Health social media
Social Networks in
"Today's Internet"
December 2011
million users
February 2010
In 2010:
871 Hospitals that use Web 2.0 tools
421 have a YouTube channel
679 have Facebook page
648 Twitter accounts
94 Blog
In 2008:
163 Hospitals that use Web 2.0 tools
109 have a YouTube channel
73 have Facebook page
59 Twitter accounts
14 Blog
...the patient's impact and organization presence on the net...
BUT, let's analyze this...
"General purpose Apps are great and we need them"
Web 2.0
and Social Apps

we reuse what we know from this apps, the social media approach and the web 2.0 technologies to build new Apps to boost healt:
But, what if...
Health 2.0
Medicine 2.0
Medical Images:
Create a teaching and academic repository directly from clinical daily activity
Enhance e·learning by integrating multimedia content into your learning experience
Connect doctors, residents and students using a social web platform
Telemedicine & Second opinion: Manually or automatically share cases to obtain review
Create an educational repository for use in Accreditation Programmes and Training Certifications
Online Clinical Sessions: Asynchronous sessions using social & web 2.0 solutions or synchronous sessions using virtual meetings
Global Health collaboration thanks to multilingual support, SNOMED CT and PubMed integration

Standard Images (jpeg,bmp,gif,png,tiff,etc.)
Pathology Images
DICOM Images
(including multi-frame)
Video & Audio
Slideshows (ppt,odp,etc)

Standard Images (jpeg,bmp,gif,png,tiff,etc.)
Pathology Images
DICOM Images
(including multi-frame)
Video & Audio
Slideshows (ppt,odp,etc)

Standard Images (jpeg,bmp,gif,png,tiff,etc.)
Pathology Images
DICOM Images
(including multi-frame)
Video & Audio
Slideshows (ppt,odp,etc)
Clinical Cases
Clinical Collaboration
Second Opinion
Medical Education
Clinical Trials
Clinical Reviewing
But it is not just about clinical cases and imaging
Clinical Case collaboration
Virtual Clinical Comitees
Discussion for cases and images
Knowledge base generation
Improvement of the communication
Distributed collaboration
Sharing cases and images with your peers, local and remote
Global collaboration with multilingual mechanisms
Easily get second opinion from your peers or from a collaboration group
Provide second opinion to emerging countries
Request advice from a specialist by sharing the clinical case, images and tests in a web friendly environment
Asses your students or peers from any location
eLearning tools to introduce students to clinical cases, medical images: MRI, CT, ECG, Eco, Pathology, review test results, etc.
Generate a knowledge base that can be reviewed by students
Development and review of real clinical cases in groups of students
Integration with eLearning systems
Generate discussion and collaboration between students
Evaluation and certification mechanisms
Use collaboration groups and MEDTING to generate medical content and get it peer reviewed.
Workflow mechanisms to manage your case, material or trial through the custom defined stages
Record reviews, opinions from your patients and all statistics of your content
Get reviews from the MEDTING community
We integrate with virtually any medical device
Implement your real-time telemedicine scenario using SMS and Email notifications
MEDTING integrates with your video-conferencing solution
Case workflows to guide the evolution of the case and notify just the right clinician
Generate reports, statistics, charts and export your activity data to external tools
Other features
SNOMED CT Onthology for Keywords and Indexing
Multilingual translation mechanisms
Generation of templates and forms
Pubmed integration to find related content
Fully extensible, customizable, white label platform
Secure and robust platform that provides data privacy for your and your patient's data
Other social funcionalities to boost collaboration, knowledge generation and increase online presence:
Sharing, rating, and personal blogging with RSS
Internal notification and messaging system
PDF export of clinical cases
Social bookmarking and SEO mechanisms to improve your online visibility
Collaboration groups and fully customizable workflows to manage cases, materials, etc.
Web-based light-weight viewer
eHealth improves the quality and productivity of the Health Services
Some key ideas
Other ways to
benefit from MEDTING
Mashup control integration
EHR Integration
Mobile Version
* iPhone/iPad/Android native app
under development
*HTML5: http://m.medting.com
Social media and Web 2.0 has a lot to offer to eHealth, this is just the beginning
MEDTING has a lot to offer. It solves well known challenges and it is an "out of the box" platform for eHealth
Collaboration is a powerful tool that that can make the difference in your organization
The adoption of social media and eHealth solutions in medical organizations will be a must soon. What are you waiting for?
Thank you!
To try out the platform, please visit:
To know more about our products, please visit:
ECG-EKG Support
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