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Old Testament: Unit 1 Lesson 8

No description

Emily Payne

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Old Testament: Unit 1 Lesson 8

Genesis 12
Abram chosen as the father of the nation Israel
What do we learn about Abram as he is introduced?
Does anything indicate that Abram was better than other people? Was he more holy? More gifted?
When God came to Abram and said, "I will make you into a great nation and bless you," was it because Abram had earned a special blessing?
From here on out, God is going to work with Abram's family in a special way and not with the other nations of the Earth. Israel will be his chosen nation.

Why did God choose just one family, out of all people, to become his special people? Did God not care about the rest of the families and nations around the Earth?
Genesis 12:4-7
God gave one more promise to Abram: a promise of land. What land was it?

Why do you think God may have wanted his newly created nation (Israel) to have its own land?

These promises of multiplying Abram's descendants and ruling a piece of the Earth should remind us of something we have read before. Any ideas?
Genesis 11:27-12:3
Image by Tom Mooring
Old Testament: Unit 1 Lesson 8
Redemption through Israel

Genesis 11:1-9
This is the first story told about the time after the flood. What are the actions and attitudes of humans like in this story?
Why was God displeased by their desire to not be "scattered over the face of the whole Earth"?
What did God do to force them to scatter and spread out over the Earth?
Sin Continues...
The problem of ______ had not been fixed after the _________; people were as rebellious as ever. But God still wanted people to build his ______________ here on _______, so he began a radical solution to _______ by focusing his efforts on ______ particular people group.
In Genesis 1-11, God was working with the ________ _________. But from here on out, he's going to work mostly with this one ________ .
The Tower of Babel
The whole world was like a ____________ _________, ravaged by _______. Humanity was sinking. God brought a small group of humans out of the wreckage to ________ them and make them like a rescue ship to go back and help the rest. _______ was still concerned about the whole ________, but he knew he needed to start with saving a _____, so that they could be his ______________ to the rest.
Kingdom of God
Look up New Testament references to Abram. Describe what these verses tell us we can learn from the call of Abram. How can we apply this lesson to our lives today?
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