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Nike HRM

No description

Alex Ray

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Nike HRM

Nike HRM

HR Management
- Integrating human resource management strategies and systems to achieve the overall mission, strategies, and success of the firm while meeting the needs of employees and other stake-holders.
• HR planning helps you successfully meet goals, assess skill sets, and keep up with social, economic, legislative, and technological trends that impact on HR in your area and in the sector.
• Links management directly to the strategic plan of your organization
• Nike routinely completes financial and workforce plans to ensure they achieve goals.

Nike has a 3 step strategy
that they have had implemented for about 3 years now:
1. Be Innovative to deliver enterprise level sustainability solutions
2. Integrate sustainability into the heart of the Nike business model
3. Mobilize key constituents (civil society employees, consumers, government) to partner in scaling solution
• For Human Resource Management in 3 years, 17% of Nike factories had completed HRM training

Interdependence of HR planning
Interdependence of HR planning
Nike's supply chain is taking a lead on a new transformation. Working with contract manufacturers to apply lean manufacturing, an approach that delivers the highest-quality product while eliminating all types of waste, including lost time and material.

Nike's approach to lean includes
worker empowerment
- giving factory workers the skills and abilities needed to manage production and immediately address issues as they arise, such as quality or process improvements.
Recruitment and Selection
Alexander Ray
Joseph Brunetto
Zhisheng Tong
HR Planning Impact
Nike's commitment to growing the potential of its people and building leadership capability is carried out in organization and talent reviews directly linked to the business strategic priorities. In these reviews, leaders are held accountable for improving the performance, potential, diversity, position continuity and cost of their bench.
Employee facilities Beaverton, OR
On average for a long-term employee at nike it is normal for them to go through 5 different positions before they find the perfect fit for someone

With over 56,000 employess the recruitment process need to be very rigorous and detailed

They recruit a lot from colleges

Internship program is a great way there retention rate is so high
Nike wants to send the message of don’t be afraid to venture out

Nike HQ Beaverton, OR
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