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No description

Shea Selby

on 23 November 2015

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Transcript of Thanksgiving

So, what happened?
The story we are told in our text books that the pilgrims landed in North America in 1620. They had a hard year, and were supported by the Wampanoag Native Americans, who gave them seeds and taught them how to plant crops. After the harvest season, the pilgrims held a celebration to thank the Native Americans for their help.
Why do we celebrate?
Aside from the historical issues, we celebrate thanksgiving in order to come together with our families and give thanks for what we have received and what has occurred.

Thanksgiving is the biggest and most popular family holiday. It is not religious and is celebrated by anyone who considers themselves to be American.

It is an opportunity for family to come together and celebrate over food!
Okay, what

The story we are taught makes it seem as if the pilgrims and the native americans were best friends.
In reality, the groups fought often, and the pilgrims committed many acts of genocide in the name of racial superiority. "Thanksgiving" were the feasts that followed the massacres.

or día de la acción de gracias

Thanksgiving - what is it?
Anything else?
What do you think about thanksgiving? The traditions?

Can you think of any holiday that is similar in Spain?

What are you thankful for?

What do you think

So, what happened?
Related to issues today-
Okay, what

Today, some people in US are comparing the Syrian refugee crisis to the arrival of Europeans in the Americas. There are a few similarities between the Syrian refugees and early settlers.
The main tradition of thanksgiving involves everyone's favorite thing: FOOD!
After dinner, everyone sits around to watch a big football game. Food is served around 3pm, and is followed by a football game that can either be on the national or collegiate level.

The Macy's Day parade is in New York City and occurs every Thanksgiving. Since 1924, Macy's (our equivalent to Corte Inglés) puts on a huge parade infront of their flagship store. People travel from all over the view the parade.
Black Friday is always the day after thanksgiving, and it is when many stores offer huge sales. This is the beginning of Christmas shopping for many, and people will line up at 4am just to receive a discount. It can be quite a spectacle as many people
others to be the first to grab that flat screen TV or game console.
What do you already know about thanksgiving?

What are some stereotypes about thanksgiving?
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