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Sociological Imagination: Conley

No description

Ezekiel Olagoke

on 18 January 2017

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Transcript of Sociological Imagination: Conley

Sociological Imagination
CW Mills
Why sociology?

American Sociology
W.E.B. Du Boi
Mills coined the word Sociological Imagination
The Sociological Imagination (
What is significant about the years listed
above especially the period of:
1955-1965 - or the 60s in the US
Explaining Human Experience
Social Science: - use of scientific method to study human societies
Political science
Criminal Justice

Key Concepts/Examples
The sociological imagination
History; Biography; Troubles; are all Issue sociological significance
Origins/Development of Sociology
(1) One of the youngest of academic disciplines.
2. Origins in powerful social forces:
examples of social forces
Industrialization - examples
Urbanization - examples
Political revolution - examples
History of Sociology
Fatherfounder of sociology
Coined the word "sociology."
Society obeys logic of scientific laws, called
social physics or positivism
Three stages of human progress:

Theological; Metaphysic; Positivism
History of sociology contd
HARRIET MARTINEAU: Female sociologist
History of Sociology Contd.

: emphasis on subjectivity
emphasis: role of religion in social change

Founder of "academic sociology."
pushed sociology to university level
developed the theory of division of labor
wrote on
social cohesion/solidarity
What has sociology got to do with me or my life?
Consider the following:
The clothes you are wearing
Internet influence
Voting during the last election
Binge drinking on campus
Influence of Religion: Televangelists; Monotheism
Higher Education
College costs
Minority Issues
Issues in American history
Cost of gas
Current events
Millennial generation
Sociological Imagination: Summer 2011
Steve Jobs
Libya - Tripoli, Gadaffi
Unemployment rate
DSK (Dominick ----)
“Dream” Anniversary
Events: This summer
Translated the work of Comte from French to English
Work translated:
Positive Philosophy

historical materialism
class conflict is the primary cause of social change; wrote
communist manifesto
Du Bois
was the first African American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard.
Wrote on race as a major problem facing the United States
: American Female sociologist:
Founded the Hull House in Chicago.
Worked extensively with immigrants.
Received a Nobel prize
Who was the third american discussed earlier
Questions: 4-5 groups
List three Western capitals mentioned in the clip
List two countries in Africa that grow coffee
List two countries in Latin America that grow coffee
What are the personal problems of the average farmer?
What sociological imagination can you draw from the clip?
How much is involved annually in coffee?
What is the daily wage of 2 billion people in the world
How many countries in the world are there Starbucks?
What sociological lesson do you learn from this clip?
How many farmers grow coffee according to the clip?
List four employers/organizations in Waynesburg
How does each organization listed above affect you?
Review Questions
What is the etymology of sociology?
Who is the father and founder of sociology?
Which branch of academic discipline does sociology belong?
Who coined the term "sociology"?
Who translated Positive Philosophy?
List the nationality of Comte, Durkheim, and Addams
List three stages of progress discussed in this chapter?
Who formulated these stages?
Sociology is the study of human societies
Etymology: root word - from Greek
Sociology is part of the social science discipline
It is newer than other disciplines like philosophy

What is Sociological Imagination?
Awareness of the relationship between the
and the
wider society

Overview of Chapter 1
5 Groups
What new names have you learned and how are they important?
How does sociology affect you and your major?
What theories have you learned so far in class?
How do these theories play out today in the media?
List some of the theorists learned so far
How are these theorists relevant today?

1. Functionalist Perspective:
seeks order and stability in society
2. Conflict theoretical perspective:
conflict, competition among groups
3. Symbolic Interaction perspective:
role of subjectivity, interpretation, more so at micro level of society
4. Feminist Perspective:
significance of women's voice.
5. Post-modernist perspective:
'your story is as good as mine:
6. Evolutionary, (7) Exchange Theory
Key Gurus from each of the perspectives
Importance of each perspective in sociology
This class: emphasis on THREE of the perspectives:
Functionalist, Conflict and Symbolic interaction

Who is Who?
Last Lecture Review:
What came out to you from the clips, outlines, names discussed during the last lecture?
He was the first African American to obtain a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

He was a contemporary of Max Weber

He traveled extensively to Europe, Asia and Africa.

He renounced his american citizenship
before emigrating to Ghana
He died on the eve of Dr King's speech in 1963.
Who is this person?
Development of sociology
Events in 18th Century in Europe:
What were they?
European Thinkers
Auguste Comte
2. Karl Marx
3. Emile Durkheim
4. Marx Weber
5. Harriet Martineau
Sociology in the United States - Development
What key events were evident in the US during the 18th century?
Chicago School
Key American Sociologists:
Robert Park
Jane Addams
W.E.B. Du Bois
C. Wright Mills
Sociology versus Common Sense

What is common sense?
examples of common sense versus sociological explanations:
School shootings
What are generalizations about people?
Generalizations and stereotypes
What is macro sociology?
Micro sociology
Examples of each in sosicety
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