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Ender's Game Chapter 7

No description

Haoda Yan

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game Chapter 7

Boris Lam
Haoda Yan
Sam Woods Ender's Game
Chapter 7 - Salamander Plot Summary Themes Politics of Chapter 7 Character Development
Petra Arkanian Social Commentary - Authority The End Colonel Graff and Major Anderson comment on how Ender resolves conflicts within the Giant's game as well as with Bernard

Ender discovers that he has been transferred to Salamander Army weeks before any other Launchy Petra is first introduced to the readers as an insubordinate soldier. She is depicted as tomboyish, and sees Bonzo in a very negative light.

She constantly makes cracks at Bonzo's shortcomings, saying that he's precise about urinating on plates (a stab at his overbearing on petty matters) and such. All in all, it demonstrates that she has little respect for Bonzo and his methods. (Card 79)

However, later in the chapter, she warms to Ender, and helps him during free time to better him as a soldier. Chapter 7 is Card's nod to the politics of authority and leadership. Bonzo is an example of a leader who focuses on discipline and leadership, but is inflexible due to his pride and way of thinking. Bonzo dislikes Petra because her insubordinate attitude threatens his authority, he makes her an outcast because she is a girl.

This is Card's example of common (bad) authority figures; they may be strong leaders, but they are also unflexible and they dislike anyone who might disrupt their power. When Ender is under Bonzo's command, he has to follow the most unruly of orders because of Bonzo's ego. This had caused the defeat of the Salamander army more than once. Only through disobeying orders, Ender was able to tie the battle instead of having it end in loss.

Card shows his distaste of "total authority" and the fact that the rules must be followed no matter what the circumstances. He satirizes the belief that rigid authority is more important than individual thought by using Bonzo as a plot vehicle. Plot Summary (Part 2) Plot Summary (Part 3) Immediately after joining Salamander Army, Ender is met by extreme disapproval from the other children in the group.

Bonzo forbids ender from participating in battle
Petra teaches Ender how to aim and shoot to be better used in the games. During a losing game, Ender acts out, shooting down several of the opponents.

Because of this, the game ends in a tie rather than defeat

Bonzo is furious that Ender disobeyed his orders, and moves him to Rat Army. Hatred motivates and inspires ambition. (of the World) So far, there have been a few instances where Ender is met with opposition. In each of those cases, Ender's hatred of his new enemy has caused him to make large strides of progress.

Bernard spurs him to learn how to hack into the systems

Bonzo inspires him to get better so he could be a useful soldier (well... sort of)
"Just trade me. I've learned all i'm ever goign to learn from you. How to fail with style, that's all you know Bonzo"(Card, 95). Talent is not always appreciated Though present throughout the novel (Chapter 5 most significantly), Ender is frequently bullied because of his brilliance.

When he is brought to Salamander Army, his attempts at communicating with the members brings only anger towards him.
"Bonzo you ass, I could have saved you from this defeat"(Card, 91).

As previously mentioned, Bonzo hates Ender because of his rapid progress in the Battle Room. As a result, he frequently antagonizes him, including trying to prevent him from training with the other Launchies. The Significance of Pride During a losing battle against Leopard Army, Ender goes against Bonzo’s orders and attacks, turning a certain defeat for Salamander into a tie.

Later, Bonzo punches Ender for going against his orders. He goes and says "[y]ou disobeyed me, [n]o good soldier ever disobeys"(Card, 95). Even though Ender forced a stalemate in combat, his actions directly opposed Bonzo’s orders.

Bonzo has already demonstrated that he cares deeply about petty things (he brags about a 12/20 score) and has little patience for others talking back at him.

All in all, it makes him look very shallow and one-dimensional, even more so later in the story, when he confronts Ender in the shower. Plot Development When Ender is transferred to Salamander Army, Alai kisses him on the cheek and says "Salaam", cementing their friendship. Though he runs off immediately afterwards, Ender finally feels that he has met a true friend. (Card 69)

Ender, under the guidance of Petra, gets more skilled in the Battle Room, setting him up for success in the future.

This chapter also introduces Bonzo Madrid, and starts his antagonistic relationship with Ender. ha ha ha hadoo is making a pun on the giant game thing ha ha ha "War...war never changes. Or does it? The war has changed...did it? The answer is no! Unless it is yes! No, of course it is! Is war! Yes! No! Yes?" Yo Dawg, this be mah corner-Sam 0225???? Captain Boris and Captain
Haoda was here, with Commander Sam
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