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No description

Vi Lê

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Company

Address: 100 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 3, HCMC.
Phone: 0956385927
Email: bigmove@gmail.com
Website: bigmove.org.vn
Statement of Need
"Seize the future" campaign
Limited budget ($500)
Advertising is seen as bothering and unreliable (MORI,2012)
Advanced technology
More online readers
Young Internet users (Lyons, 2004)
Project Description
Statement of Need
Target Publics
Goals and Objectives
Key Messages
Tactics and Tools
Target media
Target Publics
Distinguishable: Colleges/University students majoring in environmental, social, health and economic issues
Homogenous: Interested in Environmental, social, health and economic issues, ready to take on challenges.
Impact: Potential participants of the contest and customers of the book
Large enough to matter: about 120 colleges and universities
(Ministry of Education and Training, 2012)
Reachable: Internet and print media.
Distinguishable: interest in Economic, Environmental, Social and Health issues, looking for ideas for future development.
Homogenous: Interested in Environmental, social, health and economic issues, seeking for future projects' ideas.
Impact: potential attendance of the contest and consumers.
Large enough to matter: around 250
(Institute of Society, Economy and Environment 2000)
Reachable: direct marketing and print media.
Nguyen Nhat Linh Thy
Ho Pham Anh Thu
Le Chau Phuong Lien
Le Thao Vi
Goals & Objectives
Campaign Goals:
Build up reputation for the book
Promote the book purchase
Easily influence target publics' perceptions, feeling and actions
70% of target students are aware of "Seize the future" contest within 6 months.
60% of target organizations are aware of "Seize the future" competition within 6 months.
50% of target students will join in the contest by the end of the 3rd month.
40% of target organizations attend the competition as counterparts in assessing ideas by the end of the 3rd month.
80% of target students are aware of the "Growing Sustainable Communities" book within 6 months.
70% of target organizations are aware of the book within 6 months.
60% of target publics thoroughly understand the book's values and its necessity.
40% of target publics purchase the book within 6 months.
Key Messages
To Colleges/universities students:
"Growing Sustainable Communities" book is a valuable source for students' research at university and later studies in their future career.

"Growing Sustainable Communities" book is an ideal guide assisting organizations in generating ideas and policies for their future development and projects.
"Seize the Future"
Purpose: aims to promote the book, its features (functions, individual chapter purchase)
Topic: Environmental, social, health and economic issues.
Location: online, official website.
Target audience: colleges/university students; INGOs/NGOs/NPOs.
Time: the 2nd-5th month.
Award ceremony: end of the 6th month. Awarded by representative of Ministry of Education and Training.
Why Competition?
Distinctly familiar activity
Involve TA in the campaign, take specific actions, directly experience,
Bring enormous benefits
How it can succeed?
Direct marketing
Promoted by a video and outside activities.
Prestigious award: by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training
Government Representative
Legislative documents: educational purposes and national scale (Ministry of Education and Training, 2013)

Example: Online contest in "Go Forward with IT" project run by Phu My Hung Development limited liability company (Anh, 2013)

"Seize the future": online->easy to join, target nationally, educational purposes, large range of field (environmental, social, health and economic issues),
-Purpose: get awareness and participation of the "Seize the future" competition
- Target audience: students from colleges and university.
- Idea: In order not to miss the most important moments of your life, read the “Growing Sustainable Communities” book, take part in the competition to “Seize your future”.
- Time: 1st month
- Where: online: Youtube, Facebook page and official website.
- Why choose video?
easily to widespread and go viral (reach other countries)
entertaining, cost-effective, longevity.
- How to make it successful?
Use funny characters, cute music and images of popular TV game shows
Successful deliver the message of competition and books
Upload on Youtute and Facebook, which have enormous users
Websites & Facebook page
Purpose: promote for the book and competition, keep target public updated about the competition.
Target publics: Primary and Secondary
Content: information of the book (general content, price, how to buy), information of the competition (timeline, rules, guidelines, supported materials, award).
Why choose websites and Facebook?
High number of Internet and Facebook users
2-way communication, easily to widespread
How to make it successful?
Stick the website and FB page address on all our promotional materials
Frequently update information and images of competition/participants, check and reply people's comments.

Digital Media in Vietnam
(Internet World Statistics, 2012)
Marginal Activities
Target media
Number of like and share on Facebook page
Number of like and share of Video on Youtube
Number of website views
Number of participants in the competition
Focus group
Observing people's comments
Relationship with target publics
Thanh Nien Online
Vietnamese and English versions
Fields: political, society, national defense, youth, economy
High view rate (Laban n.d.)
Mostly young readers ( Alexa Pro (n.d.)
Popular online newspaper among Vietnamese
200 news and articles per day within 14 major subjects
(VnExpress 2013)
About 38 million visits per day (VN Time, 2013)
Most focus on society
1. Promoting on school & NGO forums:
Post the announcement (competition regulations, timeline, chapter brief and purchase process) of the competition and the book on universities and organizations' forum
2. Promoting at NGO festivals/conferences:

Putting a booth on festivals/conference days
Giving leaflet.
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