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No description

elaine quach

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of report

Double click anywhere & add an idea our first
softskill meeting after 4 weeks prepairing,
including many things such as
+choosing topic
+building the ideas
+ discussing
+come to agreement
.. ........

and finally on April 4th,
we had we divided 28 participants into 4 groups....each group had chosen an interesting slogan.The atmosphere was so hot after group 4 received a present from us for the best slogan ^^ after that, it's time to go to the main content
of the softskill meeting.Each group had a small topic
focusinng to the main topic Time management. in details:
group 1 had discussed on "goal settings"
group 2 had discuss on "establish priorities"
group 3 and group 4 had a topic "procastination" with the topic is
"TIME MANAGEMENT" it could be seen that
everyone was eager
and interested in their topics however,they didn't have too much time,
they just had 20minutes to discuss in their groups.
they had to challenge the time and had to be quick
and then,2ominutes finished,they went in front of everybody
to share what they know or what they had learn. in turns, each groups presented and showed
that they are so creative and intelligent,
they caught the information very quickly and
made everyone know well about their ideas.
They talked,listened to each others,
and shared their knowledge during one hour working, everyone seemed a little bit tired.We know that,so we had a game,yes, just a small easy and funny game,but everybody felt relaxed...^^ after this softskill,to my mind,based on the feedback,no one thought it's not useful,because they have learn a lot,about how to work in a team, the way to share their ideas and about co-operation...
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