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ABC's of The Westing Game

No description

Heather Tran

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of ABC's of The Westing Game

A stands for America the Beautiful. Yes, we ALL we remember Sydelle Pulaski's attempt at singing America The Beautiful. But by Sydelle singing the song, it helped all the heirs learn that all the clues were made out of the song, America the Beautiful. The clues were missing some letters that spelled......... Berthe Erica Crow, also known as Sam Westing's ex wife!
C stands for China. (Madame Hoo must LOVE this one!) China is where Madame Hoo wanted to go. Madame Hoo stole many things from many people to get to her lovely destination! She eventually went to China.
B stands for... BOOM! Otis Amber's favorite word of ALL time! Boom represents the three bombs that almost took two lives: Sydelle Pulaski's and Angela Wexler's.
By Heather Tran
ABC's of The Westing Game
D stands for dead! We all thought Sam Westing was dead but he wasn't. He was also Sandy McSouthers who we thought was dead too but.. he was also Barney Northrup, Sam Westing and Julian R. Eastman. Notice they all have North, South, West, and East in the name.
E stands for Ellen Raskin! Yes, the author of The Westing Game! She wrote an amazing book and kept us on the edge of our seat. Round of applause for the amazing Ellen Raskin!
F stands for failures. All the heirs failed to figure out who the murderer was. Most heirs said it was Otis Amber and other people (Sydelle and Angela) thought it was in the song America The Beautiful(see slide 1). But all answers are wrong and everyone failed to succeed.
G stands for Grace Wexler! At the beginning of the book, Grace was all beauty and makeup. She cared more about her oldest daughter, Angela than Turtle (T.R. Wexler/Tabitha Ruth). After 5 years, she went into the restaurant business and was very rich!
H stands for Halloween! On Halloween night, Turtle went into The Westing House to win her bet. She also found Sam Westing's wax dummy replica of himself.
I stands for insane! The book was very crazy and umpredictable! There was no murderer and Sam Westing was alive after all (except when he died at the end).
J stands for Josie - Jo Ford. J.J. Ford figured out most of the clues and knew Sam Westing very well. Sam Westing paid her intuition and she was glad that he was there for her.
K stands for kicking! Yes, kicking! We ALL remember Turtle kicking most everyone she knew that would try tugging on her braid, That little kicker could be a fighter one day!
L stands for liars! One liar is the famous Sam Westing! He is also konwn as Julian R Eastman, Barney Northrup and Sandy McSouthers! He lied about his death and about his WHOLE identity!
M stands for mischief! Mischief was when Madame Hoo stole most everything, Sydelle sneaking around, Turtle kicking people, Angela setting the bombs and, Sam Westing tricking all the heirs!
N stands for Northrup! Northrup, like Barney Northrup! Barney Northrup was not real and was just disguised as Sam Westing. Northrup was only seen in the beginning of the book when he gave the heirs their apartments.
O stands for Otis Amber! He is also known as Sam Westing! He was the husband of Berthe Erica Crow and is now deceased. We will all remember him as the loving old newspaper boy!
P stands for Pulaski! The Pulaski(s) consist of
Sydelle and possibly Sybil. Sydelle was an attention seeker and got hit with one of the bombs. We didn't know much about Sybil but she was a friend of J.J. Ford and was suppose to get one of the apartments.
Q stands for............ queen! In the beginning of the Westing game, the "queen" of everyone was Grace Wexler but throughout the book is started to become Turtle Wexler! She overpowered her own mother! Turtle changes throughout the story and is willingly amazing!
R stands for read! Read the book! The Westing Game is so amazing and is unpredictable. As you read, the book slowly sinks you in. Plus, reading is good for you!
S stands for Sybil Pulaski. Sybil Pulaski was Judge J. J. Ford's friend and was suppose to live in Sunset Towers!So that means... Sydelle was the mistake!
T stands for Turtle Wexler! Turtle Wexler is the main character and is one braided shin kicking girl! She is now 18 years old and in her 2nd year in college! She was very pretty and will never be forgotten in our hearts!
U stands for Ugly secrets! Almost all the heirs had some ugly secrets. Especially Sam Westing with his family and that he was 4 people!
V stands for Victoria Westing. Victoria Westing was Crow and Sam Westing's daughter. She drowned in her wedding dress on the day before her wedding.
W stands for The Westing House! All the heirs would stare at the Westing House when the smoke came out because that meant he was in there and working on the Paper Products. The Westing House was also involved in Sam Westing's "death".
X stands for Xciting! The book is so xciting that I used an X for exciting! The book was exciting because it had a suprising ending to the book and was action packed.
Y stands for Yummy! We all must think Mr. Hoo's food might be delicious Right? Mr. Hoo, even though you're dead..... MAKE ME SOME FOOD!
Z stands for zig-zagged! The Westing Game is all over the place! In The Westing Game, you zoom from one character to another character. It can be confusing at times but you'll understand which character is talking and when which character is doing something.
To sum up, The Westing Game is one of my favorite books of all time and will never be forgotten in my heart. The book was three words: Mysteries For Life. The Westing Game was an amazing book and I am probably going to read more books by Ellen Raskin!
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