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MyKitchen is a revolutionary application for smartphones and tablets that will change cooking applications.

Ian Abdallah

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of MyKitchen

Cooking Made Simple. MyKitchen The Problem MyKitchen Virtual Pantry Ingredient Specific Recipes Our database will create full course meals from what is only in your kitchen. Cook's Instructor Guide New to Cooking? Click on any cooking term to learn how to do it. Shopping Shopping List of the Month Subcategories Vegetarian
High Protein
Dessert The number of home-cooked evening meals has risen by 12% in the past three years App downloads grew 500% in 2012 In 2008 the average consumer was going to restaurants 195 times a year vs. 205 times a year. Opportunity Ingredient
Sales Apps Restaurant
Sales Target Market United States
Middle Class
Ages 22-28 Total potential market:
9,614,367 Capital Competition Timeline 2013

App Development

Total Startup Expenses 2014 Extend Database
Top Downloaded Cooking App 2015 2016 2017 Rewards Program Contract
Allow User Entry Recipes Headquarters
Marketing Campaign Have one of the Largest Recipe Databases on the Market MyKitchen "The cooking necessity" MyKitchen Shopping Lists
Virtual Pantry
Ingredient Specific Recipes
Cook's Dictionary Market
Food Network
How To Cook Free
+ Recipes
+ Ingredient Search
- Ingredient Specific Search
- Virtual Pantry
- Cook Book
- Questions? Revenue Year 1 Year 2 $1,168,000 $2,531,600 Year 5 $7,791,200 Downloads Year 1 150,000 Year 2 375,000 Year 5 1,000,000 $10,000
$ 1,500
$ 2,000

$105,000 Investment Our company is looking for a $105,000 investment for 8% equity in the company. App free to download
$1/ month for shopping list per user IMAGINE
CHECK Acquire recipes from head chef and
"Culinary Artistry" cookbook Shopping List
- 2.5% of market will generate $2,855,464.92 per year Our Team Strategic Advisors Ian Abdallah CEO
Stephanie Morrison COO
Tess Reyes CFO James Gordon IT
Able Engine -Developer
Zach Stringer - Head
Chef of Teller's Startup Costs
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