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No description

Madelyn Wirth

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of Softball

What is the difference between girls fast and slow pitches?
I know that... When you would pitch a slow pitch the speed is a lot slower than a fast pitch's speed. Slow pitch speeds range from 25-35mph. Whereas fast pitch speed ranges from 60-70mph.
Gloves and Bats?
What is a fast pitch?
A fast pitch is considered a underhand motion. Which most people say it's somewhat like a windmill motion.
What is a slow pitch?
A slow pitch is an under hand motion, much like the fast pitch motion. The difference is that the slow pitch under hand motion is cutting the fast pitch motion in half.

Fast Pitch VS Slow Pitch
Fast Pitch
I want to know... What the most important differences are between slow and fast pitch.
What techniques professional softball pitching coaches use the most for fast pitches and for slow pitches. To see if the techniques are the same or different.

Now For The Fun Stuff

I find out by... Asking my pitching coaches and I also find out by searching it up on google. I've also asked other pitchers on their opinion.
I have learned that... When you include the slow pitch it makes the game a whole different game with slightly altered rules. For example one different rule in slow pitch is that the plate is 50 ft. away from the plate no matter what.
The action I will take is... I will keep researching my topic even after passion projects are over and I will talk to more pitching coaches and pitchers to find more information as well.

The new Q I have is... Why does slow pitching have to be involved in a whole different type of softball game?
talk more about it
cont. talking

Slow Pitch
Higher speeds ( 60-70mph)
Closer to the plate (Depending on age)
Full windmill motion (360*)
Mostly for Women athletes (Sorry boys)
Only offering little reaction time for batter
Strike Zone ranges from batter's (knees - chest)
So What's the Difference?
Slower speeds (25-35)
Farther from the plate (50ft. no matter what)
Half windmill motion (180*)
For adults; both men and women
Offering more reaction time for batter
Must release the ball in under 10 sec.
Strike Zone ranges from batter's (Back Knee-Back Shoulder
Must have a 12ft. arch (or else illegal)
Video Clips
Favorite Quote
Never let the fear of string out keep you from playing the game
Babe Ruth
2nd Favorite Quote
Keep swinging, my catcher like the breeze. ~
3rd Favorite Quote
Don't practice until you get it right,
Practice until you can't get it wrong.
Quiz Time!!!

Q 1
What is the range of speeds for a fast pitch?
A 1.
60 ~ 70 MPH
Hope you were listening
Q 2
What was the range of speeds for a slow pitch?
A 2
25 ~ 35 MPH
Q 3
Do you think it would be easy for boys to hit a fast pitch fast ball?
A 3
No, it is not easy for boys to hit a fast pitch fast ball.
Now you guys are probably thinking " what do gloves and bats have to do with the difference between fast and slow pitches." Well you'd be surprised about how much the gloves and bats actually do matter. So shall we continue...
So Gloves, this particular thing matters because...
Slow pitch softball tends to feature more fly balls, so the gloves have deeper pockets designed to keep the ball from slipping out. Whereas
Fast pitch usually has more strikeouts and ground balls, so an infielder’s glove, needs to be small enough that the fielder can get the ball out quickly to throw and get an out.
And Bats?
Fast pitch bats are lightweight and balanced, giving quick reaction times.
Slow pitch bats are heavier with larger sweet spots, giving greater power. But I'm definitely not saying that people who play slow pitch softball can hit the ball any harder than a fast pitch batter.
Over all I have learned a lot from this project. One thing I enjoyed is picking a topic I am inspired and want to learn about. I can easily say that sometimes, in my opinion, that it's a lot easier to make or finish a project when you are assigned a project by your teacher and are guided by what your teacher said. I think this because when your guided by someone that knows exactly what to do makes me feel like i'm not just starting from scratch. Anyways, I really enjoyed this project, I got to add my personal touch like i'm about to show you...
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