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No description

Resti Resita

on 14 December 2014

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Transcript of Hypnoparenting

Resti Resita
technique hypnoparenting
Proudly Present About

Three main points
1. definition of hypnoparenting,
2. parenting with tehniques hypnoparenting
3. benefits hypnoparenting
Hypnoparenting is a technique hypnotherapy specifically applie by prent in parenting
1. positive behaviorl,
2. say those saying the word repeated suggestive to children when in the alpha wave.
Benefits hypnoparenting
increasing spiritual quotioent childre
Improving the quality of verbal or non verbal communication
Preparing healthy generation, intellegent and creative
Happy childhood
inner closeness
inner closeness
I suggest with you
read the book about hypnoparenting
follow seminar about hypnoparenting

Thank for attention
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