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Vail - Interview


Laura Casai

on 8 March 2010

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Transcript of Vail - Interview

New Vail High School Talent and
Commitment Learning Studios Learning Streets Friendly Supervision Learning Communities Project Based Learning Seamless Use of Technology Flexibility Environmental Sensitivity John Castellana, FAIA, REFP Over 50 High Schools
District Flagship / Curriculum Pathways School
New S.T.E.M. School for Oklahoma District
520,000 SF / 2,000-Student Career Tech School
Two LEED Silver Certified New High Schools
LEED Gold Pending School National Presenter
Registered Educational Facilities Planner
Fellow, American Institute of Architects
38-Year Focus on Educational Design
Registered AZ Architect Credentials Guiding
Principles Life
Learning National
Expertise Gary Jelin, AIA 30 Years Experience
High School Design Director
20 New High Schools
Author in National Educational Publications
Presenter at Educational Conferences throughout the Country
Credentials David Grigsby, AIA, LEED AP Tucson Unified Schools SFB School Deficiencies Package
Amphitheater Public Schools
Oracle School District
Sunnyside School District
Arizona College and University Experience
Credentials Brian Hagedon, AIA Cottonwood Elementary School
Sycamore Elementary School
Mesquite Elementary School
Desert Willow Elementary School
25 Years of Experience in Southern Arizona
Architect and Electrical Engineer
Lead Designer at GLHN
Credentials Henry Johnstone, PE Tanque Verde Unified School District 13
New Career Tech & Education Center at Yavapai College
Arizona College and University Experience With GLHN Since 1987
GLHN Director of Mech. Engineering
Sustainable, Cost-Effective Design
Presenter at International Heating and Cooling Conference
Credentials High Performance Learning Studios Increased Learning Potential
Increased Student Motivation
Higher Test Scores
Lighting Quality “More daylight in the learning environment results in 20% faster student understanding of math and 26% faster comprehension of literature”

Integrated Technology & Equipment “Twenty-first century students and teachers demand access to interactive tools and resources that engage their minds and their imaginations.”
Flexible Planning & Furniture Flexible Layouts
Display Areas
Social Team Areas
Collaboration Spaces
Moveable Walls
Open Work Areas
Acoustical Considerations Sound-Field Amplification Systems
Audio Learning Concepts
Virtual Reality Labs
Minimize HVAC Noise
LEED / Less Materials to Absorb Sound “Sound amplification of teacher voice, individual technology devices, and of large group presentations enables viewers to focus on and easily understand content” Skyline High School Jenks Math &
Science Center Director of Architecture at GLHN
LEED Accredited
25+ Years Experience
AZBusiness Profile
Sustainable Design - Alternative Energy GLHN/TMP has designed 1.2 million square feet of school space that utilizes geo-thermal environmental systems with 4-5 year paybacks! Sustainable Design - Alternative Energy GLHN/TMP LEED Certified professionals will explore all viable solutions to help save our precious natural resources and your precious operating dollars! Equity Curriculum Pathways School
New S.T.E.M. School for Oklahoma District
Two LEED Silver Certified New High Schools
LEED Gold Pending School Environmental Sensitivity Environmental Sensitivity
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