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Swim The Fly

No description

Tri Do

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Swim The Fly

Swim The Fly

No Pain, No Gain!
"Who cares about the fact that he can't even do 1 lap of the fly, much less 4." Pg.27
Blood, Sweat, and Lots of Tears... and Blood, Too.
"The butterfly is the worst stroke there is. It`s pure torture. You need good upper body strength and leg muscles!" Pg.40
" Everything burns. My muscles, my lungs, my eyes. I try to hang on. I do, But I don't know if that's physically possible." Pg.341
Don't Not Never Give Up!
"I was already in pain from the extreme weight-lifting program, but now I'm beyond sore." Pg.148
With Hard Work, Luck, and Friends Who Are Willing to Cut Your Opponent's Speedo....
"Wait....! First?!" Pg.342
Main Idea
Though, his opponent would have crushed Matt if the competition was fair, Matt worked hard and managed to finish all four laps within 2 minutes and 57 seconds!
Matt and his friends' goal is to see a naked girl by the end of the summer
Volunteering to swim the fly for his swim team's championship meat to impress the new hot girl seems like a decent idea, right?
Later, Matt realizes how perfectly incapable of doing athletic activities he is
"Only the best of the best would even think about stepping into the pool doing this stroke." Pg.26
Matt didn't give up, though
He pushed himself to the limit by running everyday, lifting weights, drinking protein shakes, and even (accidentally) signed up for a hardcore water survival training program ran by a insane man
The day of the championship came, and Matt came in with no self-confidence
Because one of his friend has cut a hole in his competitor's speedo, Matt placed first with the worst time possible for a person to come in first
So with a little luck and a lot of pain and hard work, you may not find yourself the best, but you still can be your best
If you truly want something, you can't just wish for it. You have to get off of your lazy butt and...
His old time used to be 18 minutes.
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