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A region is places grouped together by shared characteristic

No description

Ashley Hilton

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of A region is places grouped together by shared characteristic

Map Activity Time!!!!!!!!
A region is places grouped together by shared characteristics (human or physical)
Northeast Region
The Northeast Region of the U.S. is characterized by more manufacturing than farming, rocky soil, and colder climate.

Southeast Region
The Southeast Region of the U.S. is characterized by moderate climate with fertile soil, a Coastal Plain and Piedmont, and the Appalachian Mountains.
You live here!!!!

Formal Region
A formal region is a precise region with a formal name such as The Piedmont Region, The Coastal Plain Region, The Southeast, The Northeast, The Midwest.
The Midwest Region of the U.S. is characterized by rolling hills with some flat land, the central part of the U.S. the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, and the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers.

The Northwest Region of the U.S. is characterized by cooler climate, the Rocky Mountains, and near the Pacific Coast, which has a marine climate (wet and rainy).

The Southwest Region of the U.S. is characterized by hot and dry weather, desert-like climate. Major landforms include the Mojave Desert, Rio Grande River, and the Grand Canyon.

Midwest Region
Northwest Region
Southwest Region
Warm Up
Complete the back side of the "Memory Diagram" from yesterday. You have 12 minutes.
Guilford County Schools
Rural (Countryside) Greensboro
Urban (City) Greensboro
Your living room
Cold climate & rocky soil = less farming
Temperate Climate - there is no extreme hot or cold.

Fertile soil & temperate climate = more farming
Desert-like, sandy, full of cacti, not many houses
Why is this region characterized by more industry and less farming?
What is a temperate climate, and how does it affect Southeastern Agriculture?
New Mexico
What do you think the land looks like in the Southwestern Region?
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