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meaningful title

No description

Jack Toner

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of meaningful title

Potential Solutions Initial Problems Given 1. Delivery Issue On Closer Inspection 1. Delivery 1. Reserve Production 3. Realise Market Potential Resolution
Satisfied customers of all sizes. Issues AAL Interim Findings Management Services Team 5 2. Specking 3.Market Share Orders Received Late
Up to 3-4 weeks delay DDI received product over 2 specks per gram
DDI Not Convinced of Product Quality European Demand Rising
AAL Not Growing at Same Rate
Not Exploiting Market Potential 2. Specking 3. Market Share Incompatible Systems
DDI use the JIT process- Order With Short Notice
AAL has strict quarterly production process
More diverse production schedule lowers productivity
DDI must wait for product cycle Despite specking being chemically inert, DDI have specific demands
AAL inspects a small sample of DDI's product
This method can be inaccurate and is outdated
DDI's method is more advanced and accurate
DDI detect foreign impurities that AAL doesn't Growth is outpaced by Europe
AAL is at maximum capacity
With present setup, AAL is unable to meet growing demand
Great Potential in Methyl Market Megan Clinton
Colm Gleeson
Conor Kelly
Annemarie Murphy
Jack Toner Potential Solutions 2. Reform Speck Detection Overproduce Gold Agglomerate
Store a reserve of agglomerate for problem customers
Adapt forecasting methods to fit new customer base Flatbed Dryer
Guggenheim Counter
- Relatively Inexpensive
- Accurate
- Compact Warehouse Expansion
Increase Production
Market Research
- Pursue new opportunities
- Exploit Methyl Market Other Observations Harmonised plant operations. High quality product, compatible to all customers needs. Overall increased production and profitability. Unavailable Information
Market Research figures
Orders vs. Despatches
Mr. Ketchzuppen lacking basis for refusal
General Data Handling Refine Company Roles Trained Financial Management
Re-evaluating company processes on a regular basis Most up to date procedures
Enhanced Forecasting Methods
High Standard Quality Control
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