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Miriam Tyson

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Russia

Warm UP Question:
What are the 3 main cultural influences on the people of Latin America and the Caribbean? (CRCT pg. 32)
From Buford, Georgia all the way to Russia....here we go!!
Russia lies in 2 continents- Europe and Asia.
Russia has a long northern coastline which makes shipping in Russia difficult.....why??
of Russia
Russia is so wide that to take a trip by train from one side to the other would take a week.
The Gulf Stream, just like the UK, keeps the ports warm.
Because Northern parts are blocked with ice.
European Russia only has 2 seasons- Winter and Summer.
If you lived in the capital, Moscow, you would expect to have snow on the ground in winter 4 out of the 5 months.
The distance from the sea influences climate.
About 73% of the entire Russian population lives in European Russia where the weather is harsh.
Climate of
The average yearly temperature is below freezing. Many areas have soil that is permanently frozen-called
The European Plain is the direst but the lands bordering the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea are wet.
Asian Russia (Siberia) and the Asian Plains have the harshest winters.
Russia is a land of many resources!
Russia is the leading producer of gold, minerals, metals, and machinery.
The Volga River is the LARGEST river in Europe.
The Volga River is used for hydroelectric power for industry and a waterway to ship goods.
One last glimpse of Russia...
Natural Resources
St. Petersburg is a port in Russia on the Baltic Sea. It is a major center for trade.
evergreen forests
Your Assignment:
CRCT Book pgs. 120-121
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