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No description

Romeo Simone

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of AIESEC HY

Autumn Recruitment 2013

What you will hear today
An introduction about
Our history
Our values
Our goals
Our alumni
Our projects
Some inspiring stories
What is AIESEC?

AIESEC's Diversity
One of our values at
is Living Diversity, meaning that we support and strive for
, and
Before we started our recruitment campaign, we started to think of the reasons why people join (and stay with us at) AIESEC.
We found four themes that run all throughout our organization.
Our Projects
Present in over 124 countries and territories
and with over 86,000 members,
is the world's largest
organisation. Focused on providing a
for youth
leadership development
, AIESEC offers young people the opportunity to be
to have an impact on society, and to get experience
and skills that matter today.
Our History
Our Alumni
stands for

Association Internationale des Étudiants en Sciences Économiques et Commerciale (French)


International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management.
Our Name
Our Present
AIESEC's Founding
At the time of
's founding in
, Europe was in the midst of
recovery from World War II
that dealt grave losses to its population.
Students from seven nations: Belgium, Denmark,
, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden came together in March 1949 for the
first International Congress of AIESEC in Stockholm
"AIESEC is an independent, non-political, and international organization which has as its purpose to
establish and promote the friendly relations between the members
Alumni's Stories
First president
of AIESEC in Finland
Erkki Pekki
tells about his AIESEC experience.
"What did we get from AIESEC? We participated in making Finland known abroad; we felt we were doing something great, challenging; we obtained contacts and friends abroad and we were able to use foreign languages. This is not so special today, but in a country practically cut from contacts abroad, this was a unique opportunity."
Nobel price winner president
Martti Ahtisaari
's regards to
"I've been involved in many organisations, but not all organisations I've been involved in can contribute so concretely as AIESEC has done. Because we can see in the individual development of a person who has benefit from these trainings and opportunities how much they have learnt and developed and has made them more capable of continuing their studies."
AIESEC in Numbers

Countries and territories
Local Offices
Leadership Experiences
Conferences annually
International Internships
International Volunteer Experiences
Partner Organisations

years of experience
is more than
Our Programmes
Exchange programmes
Local Programmes
A reason for traveling?
AIESEC for companies
Our Goal
We want to
every young person in the world
physical and virtual reach makes us
the most
global youth voice.
We are recognized across sectors as the
first-choice partner
for our ability to develop
Our collaborative environment empowers every member to live a
AIESEC experience, creating a
positive impact on society.
We have many members who are passionately interested in experiential learning and in
themselves, their
, and their
speaking skills
In AIESEC we learn to love stepping out of our comfort zones and accepting new challenges.
Many AIESEC activities involve
with our members practising public speaking and creating various events. Any student with a background in business or organizational studies can imagine the diversity of skills required in running an organization with 86 000 members in 124 countries and territories.
is really huge for
Social Impact
One of the driving ideas of
is to create a sustainable social impact on society - on a global scale.
The majority of our members are people who want to have an
impact on society
, who care about
social issues
environmental sustainability
International Spirit
Our most important stakeholders are students for whom we provide exchange opportunities. As we provide this service to others we are in constant contact with AIESECers from different countries and meet exchange participants from all over the world.
AIESEC hosts international conferences and trainings where our members travel and meet.
So many of our members are interested in
new cultures, languages and people
- AIESEC provides unique opportunities for embracing the world or starting international careers.
Incoming Exchange (ICX)
Our teams help to keep the local committee (LC) financially independent, establishes
long-term partnerships with companies
that are participating in Global Internship program (further: GIP).
On the other hand, ICX acts on the supply side, by finding young talents from our Global database of Exchange Participants (further: EP) in other countries. In addition to finding the EPs, we help them to come Finland and arrange all needed documents, cultural seminars etc.
To summarize,
ICX acts as intermediary between companies and young professionals coming to Finland
The team will make sure that each person will be receiving what they want from AIESEC. The project has two goals: improving the value of team member program (TMP) and improving the value of team leader program (TLP).
By improving the value of TMP, they will make sure
new AIESEC members will understand easily the value of AIESEC and how AIESEC can help them to achieve their personal goals
; in this way, they will also be promoters of AIESEC programs to their friends. By improving the value of TLP, they will ensure the sustainability of AIESEC HY, inspiring the generation which will lead AIESEC HY in the future.
and Schools
The projects aim to make young children accustomed to people from other countries already in the early stage
. The globalizing world makes it more important to make contacts among countries and cultures; although children may not know what cultural diversity means, there is still a very big need for young children to get in contact with the outside world.
We have got two teams which focus young children: Kindergarten team and Afternoon Clubs Team.
The Kindergarten team wants to bring foreign students to Finland as Kindergarten teachers. They can read books, play games or have other activities together.
The Afternoon Clubs Team organizes clubs for the young pupils: the kindergarten classes will usually end before the parents come home, sometimes parents need a time alone and there AIESEC comes into the picture.
Brand Recognition
The main purpose of the Brand Recognition Project is to improve the
brand awareness
of AIESEC HY among the students at the University of Helsinki.
The goal of the project is that by the end of the project AIESEC as a brand and the value proposition of AIESEC for students is known by a larger student body in HY.
Outgoing Exchange (OGX)
The core function of OGX is
providing internship opportunities to students of higher education institutions
or recent graduates in Finland; in particular, the team will focus on promoting the so called Global Community Development Program (GCDP), which allows young volunteers to travel across the world and go through a cultural learning experience while working for projects and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).
Global Talents
Global Talents is global internship program dedicated to young people, who want to gain professional experience, working in multicultural environment.
People, who are taking part in this program, have opportunity to realize their practice in such segments: Marketing, Business Administration, IT, Language Teaching and Education. Project Metropolia HM focuses only these segments: Marketing, Business Administration, IT.
Our job is to
promote and deliver this program to a completely fresh and also very big market: Helsinki Metropolia UAS
, one of the biggest suppliers of IT and Business professionals to Finland job market and EU in general.
AIESEC Conferences
conferences are looking for their
organizing committee
Finland Youth 2 Business Forum
is an initiative powered by AIESEC in Finland and aims to connect around 300 young people and businesses around relevant topics in Finland and in the world, such as entrepreneurial leadership, corporate social responsibility and service design thinking, to generate new, actionable ideas and thoughts about the future.
is the second national conference of AIESEC in Finland in term 2013-2014. It will be held in the beginning of November 2013. Participants include up to 180 delegates, 1 Chair, 7 members of the executive board of AIESEC in Finland and 8-12 facilitators. It is hosted by AIESEC HY.
Other Information
Our group interview
Our local induction seminar
Thank you
for your attention!

Get the best
out of your school years
Enjoy your time
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