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The Three Amigos

No description

Shannon Cortez

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of The Three Amigos

Fixing the problem was difficult we first started with splitting up the newer and least experienced group and the seniority and experienced group. We had a meeting with each group first with the new and inexperienced workers. We explained to them why they where getting paid less and are getting more hours, since they are new and we have never worked with them before hand they are getting paid less and the hours are to see who we can contract to work full time with the construction company. When we talked to older seniority and experienced workers we told them that the reason they are having more hours is because we as a company and group want to see who is a good worker so we can contract them as a full time worker with the company. The Solution As construction is starting to progress a setback is at hand. To where conflict arises between a few regular workers and extra workers. There is a set of two different actions one is that the old and experienced workers are complaining about the new and inexperienced workers are getting more hours then they are at the time. The second part of the conflict is that the new workers are complying about the pay that they are receiving less pay then the older workers and are working more time and days then they are so they should get paid more then what is being given. An Arising Conflict Finding the perfect spot was difficult at first the three friends wanted a spot that was affordable, where people pas by going from state to state, and a place where its unknown. Along Interstate 10 a city came up called El Paso. Was not to expensive and was the perfect spot, people passed by it oing from state to state, and it was somewhat unknown. The Perfect Spot Three friends have got together and decided to create the world's biggest Amusement/Water Park. In a city that has tourist going by every year weather its summer, fall, winter, spring the main attraction of this park will have to be the roller coaster and the longest water slide. The Three Amigos Amusement/Water Park For many people, there is only one reason to go to an amusement park: the roller coaster. Some people call it the "scream machine," with good reason. The history of this ride reflects a constant search for greater and more death-defying thrills. Satisfying Every Need Image what a child might want to do if he can do anything in this world. Recall what a child might dream of becoming when he or she grows up Dreaming of a Great Day By: Jackie Casteneda, Brian Garibi, & George Cortez The Three Amigos Since there is a limited workers, the need to hire extra workers to layout the foundation and construction of the park. Needing work of only 30 people George puts an aid out for help wanted. As the leaders of this project we talked to the regular workers explaining to them why the extra help is needed, and that these extra workers were only going to be working temporarily and are going to be paid and additional two dollars less with four to five hours a extra a week. All of the workers were able to comply with this since it is a temporary thing. As those extra 30 workers come in the company will sit down and talk to them about the job they will be performing and that the pay will be tow dollars less than average since its only a temporary job. Who is Willing to Work Even though we found the right spot for these amusement park, we still needed to find the right foundation for it throughout the city. Meaning that the ground has to be leveled out and the setting for the rides are correct and sturdy. Due to the dry weather we also need to make the foundation of the park to where it won't be to hot or cold for the customers. Also adding the worlds largest roller coaster we want to make sure the vibration of the monster does not interfere with all other rides and slides. Precautions
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