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El Noche de San Juan

Spanish fiesta project

Elise Krims

on 8 April 2010

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Transcript of El Noche de San Juan

Other Activities Bringing in the New Summer Related Spanish Words This fiesta symbolizes the arrival of the summer solstice and is the first summer fiesta La Noche de San juan occurs during the shortest night of the year, June 23rd The festival takes place in San Juan, Puerto Rico as well as SPain in towns and cities especially ones close to the sea La Noche de San Juan Waste products are burned in bonfires symbolizing purification Another tradition (especially for women) is to slapsh perfumed water on their faces to cleanse and purify for the new season Jumping over the fire three times insures purification for the new season ROSEMARY Roses LAUREL Celebration FRIENDS FAMILY Parties DANCING Camping Boating Wishes for the new season are written
on paper and thrown into the fire At 12 am... Origin Originally a pagan festival to celebrate the summer solstice and power of the sun Celebrated the night before June 24, the day of Saint John the Baptist FUEGO-FIRE LIMPAIR- TO CLEANSE VERANO-SUMMER BAILE-DANCING FAMILIA-FAMILY FIESTA-PARTY DESEOS-WISHES MUSICA-MUSIC PUREZA-PURITY HOGUERA-BONFIRE Some jump into the ocean to cleanse for the new season eating sardines bread music
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