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Why You Should Let Me Get A Bellybutton Piercing

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Kayla Turner

on 28 December 2013

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Transcript of Why You Should Let Me Get A Bellybutton Piercing

Why You Should Let Me Get A BellyButton Piercing
p.s. I started working on this on 11/10/13 at 12:04 AM, I've been working on it since then until now, if that isn't dedication I don't know what it.
p.s.s Isn't Prezi such a lovely upgrade from the power point I made last time?
Please go into this with an open mind.

Other Parents Opinions
Brittni - posted on 09/04/2013
I think you should let her get one. When I was 17, I wanted one reeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy BAD!! (a tattoo also!) But, letting your daughter get a belly ring will let her know that you trust her so that she doesn't show it inappropriately and it will give her a sense of responsibility, for she will have to clean it and maintain it so the ring won't get infected

Jenn - posted on 03/18/2012
My daughter has been bugging me since she was 13, I finally decided to let her for her 15th birthday. She too is a cheerleader and a good student and all around good kid. I really don't see a problem with it, there could be much worse things they want than a naval piercing.

MIss 1st Amendment answered 4 years ago
i must say she has given some quite valid reasons and she sounds like she is pretty good kid and very responsible. I think that you should surprise her for her 16hth birthday. sometimes as parents you have to let go and let your babies grow up....so i Mean there are a lot of young teenagers (16and up) who have their belly buttons pierced and not looked as a sex object. Its all about how she carries her self once the piercing is done.
Is it possible to die from navel piercing?
-Like any other piercing, there is always the risk of infection and bacteria getting into your bloodstream. However, there has never been any reported deaths from a navel piercing.
How long does it take to heal?
-6 months to 1 year
When can you change your jewelry?
-After at least 6-8 weeks
Signs of infection?
-Keep an eye out for constant redness, swelling, yellowish discharge or puss, constant pain, or fever. These could all be signs of infection. Ask your piercer or doctor.
Where I Got My Info

I want this for my sixteenth birthday. I've wanted my belly button pierced since I was twelve and I have been extremely extremely patient. Obviously I know how to take care of it. I'm not doing it because my friends have it, actually none of them have it. I don't want it because I think it's "sexy" or to impress some guy. I want this because I honestly like the way it looks and want it for myself. I know it's going to hurt but I don't care. I already have seven piercings and this is just one more. I've literally included everything I could possibly think of in this Prezi. Please just think about it. Like really think about it.
How to Clean
Now, you should clean your piercing about 2-3 times a day depending on your activities.
Once your hands are clean you want to make sure you have the proper materials: q-tips, sea salt, warm water, a shot glass, and anti-bacterial soap.
First you will want to mix a small amount of soap and warm water in a shot glass, dip one end of the q-tip into the solution and make sure the end is completely saturated, then swirl the q-tip around your piercing (make sure to get both sides) and even push your jewelry up and down to get the solution into the hole. After you've thoroughly cleaned it with soapy water, to the same thing again with plain warm water to rinse it out. Once you're done rinsing it make sure to completely dry your belly button and you're done!
At least one of the ways you clean your new piercing a day should be with a warm water and sea salt soak. Fill a shot glass with a mixture of the water and sea salt and wait until the sea salt is completely or almost completely dissolved. Now here's the tricky part, bend over and press the glass to your belly around the piercing, then stand up and make sure the cup is completely suctioned to your stomach. Now go find somewhere to lay down and keep the cup on your piercing for the next five to ten minutes.
The History
In Egypt, dating back to ancient times, navel piercings signified a socially or politically high status and was generally reserved for god-like figures such as Pharaohs. Anyone of lower class sporting a navel piercing may of even been executed. Now, nobody has found much hard evidence on this, but wouldn't it be cool if this was true?
Navel piercings became big in pop culture when Christy Turlinton came out at a London fashion show with a shiny ring in her belly button. After that, celebrities like Madonna, Cher, Janet Jackson, and Noamie Campbell all had their own navels pierced.
Healing & Aftercare: Do's and Don'ts
DO put ice on it if it is swelling
DON'T itch or pick at it, don't even touch it-especially not with dirty hands.
DO use advil or ibuprofen to relieve pain.
DON'T use apsrin or tylenole.
DO use a mild anti-bacterial soap to wash your piercing 1-2 times a day.
DON'T use rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other harsh cleaners as this will hinder the healing process.
DO clean it after being in a pool, lake, or exercising.
DON'T wear tight clothing like pantyhose or skinny jeans while it's healing, this may cause the piercing to reject.
DO occasionally soak your piercing in warm sea salt and water.
By Kayla Turner
The Procedure
Pick a place. Find somewhere local, trusted, and most of all, CLEAN!
Ask if they sterilize all of their tools and needles. If you bring your own jewelry, ask if they can sterilize it for you. If not, they should let you pick one out.
Your piercer is going to wipe down the navel area with an antiseptic then mark where the needle with go through. Make sure to look at this mark and tell your piercer if you want it moved a little this way or that; once the needle goes through there's no changing your mind.
The piercer is going to take a pair of metal clamps and gentle pinch the skin of your belly button to isolate the area. It won't hurt but the clamps may be a little cold.
Next, your piercer is going to take a sterilized, 14-16g(1.2-1.6 mm) hollow needle and make the hole.
After that, they will remove the clamps, insert the end of the jewelry into the end of the needle and thread it through.
Finally, the piercer will screw on the ball, clean up around the piercing and you're done!
Signs- extreme redness that doesn't go away or gets darker, swelling, and discharge or puss.
Treatment- continue washing it and avoid irritation. Try to change the way you're washing it if the way you've been doing it is not working. If it doesn't improve or gets worse, contact your piercer or a doctor.
Prevention- keep your piercing clean, don't over clean it, avoid irritating it.
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