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The Connecticut Women's Consortium 2015

Annual Report 2015

Olivia Yetter

on 19 April 2016

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Transcript of The Connecticut Women's Consortium 2015

The Connecticut Women's Consortium
Education and Training on Trauma & Gender
Adult and Juvenile Female Offenders Conference
We hosted the only national conference focused on women and girls involved in the criminal justice system. We had 70 workshops with over 580 attendees from across the United States, Canada, and Nigeria!
Thanks to DOC, DCF, DMHAS, DPH, and CSSD!
Annual Report 2015
Healing Trauma
Core Values of
Trauma-Informed Care
from Roger Fallot, PHD
246 women completed
Healing Trauma curriculum
at York Correctional and community agencies to help them recover from the effects of trauma. Staff were also trained in trauma-informed skills. We began expanding the program to men in 2016.
Despite exceeding our goals, we lost our original funder but were able to secure temporary funding through DMHAS. We will be looking for additional funding in 2016.
Yale Leadership Program for Women

9-month program
Develops leadership skills of women in middle management positions.
with employees at DMHAS or DMHAS Funded Agencies
Applicants will be selected in January 2016.
Similar to the TAG Agencies Project but tailored for the criminal justice community is the

Criminal Justice
Trauma and Gender Agencies Project

Started in 2015 and funded by the Community Foundation
for Greater New Haven

Trauma refers to extreme stress that overwhelms an individual's ability to cope.
High rates are linked to substance use, mental health problems, disease, violence, abuse, and suicide.
Agencies providing substance use and mental health treatment are often dealing with a population that is experiencing high rates of trauma.
What do We do?
The CT Women's Consortium teaches skills and curricula to clinicians, therapist, and others interested in trauma and behavioral health.

In 2015, we trained 5,311 people
in 105 trainings.

Some of our more specialized, custom or large events and trainings included:
-Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing
-Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
-Large trainings with Dr. Atkins
-AJFO Conference
-Trainings for Project SAFE/RSVP, Cornell Scott, and CT Juvenile Training school

But training is not enough
We want agencies and systems to embrace culture change. We don't only want therapists to understand trauma, we want receptionists, teachers, maintenance staff, and all staff to understand trauma-informed care and the environment to be safe and empowering.
We are Growing
Many agencies are teaching about trauma but what makes the CWC special is
including gender..........
Gender-Responsive 101
Gender-responsive care recognizes the differences between women and men’s lives.
For example, it is often recommended that groups that discuss trauma should be all male or all female because they experience traumas such as physical or sexual abuse differently.
Best practices could include everything from child care, spaces for nursing mothers, choice with regards to the gender of a physician, to gender neutral bathrooms for transgender clients.
Preconception/Interconception Quality Improvement
BRAND NEW Initiative
An initiative that will work with communities to improve birth outcomes and women's health
Implicit Network Model
One Key Question Model
("do you plan on becoming pregnant in the next year?")
They are in the implementation planning phase
Funded by March of Dimes
The Trauma and Gender Practice Improvement Collaborative (TAG Initiative) works toward a trauma-informed, gender-responsive cultural change and is a collaboration between the CWC, DMHAS and behavioral health providers.

Many Groups and Tools....
TAG Agencies Project,
TAG Guide Team,
Trauma Quarterly Meetings,
Women's Services
Practice Improvement Collaborative,
TAG Toolkit,
Trauma Matters Newsletter,
Trauma Directory

to our projects
collaborate on
Attend our
or Train your staff
at the

Central Naugatuck Valley Help
Community Mental Health Affiliates
Coram Deo Recovery
Southwest CT Mental Health System
2015-2017 Criminal Justice
Easter Seals Goodwill Industries
The Connection
2015-2017 Criminal Justice
Career Resources
Family ReEntry
Apply to become trauma-informed,

Lookout for RFQs in 2016
Community Health Resources
Reliance House
River Valley Services
Columbus House
Connecticut Mental Health Center
Connecticut Valley Hospital
Mental Health Connecticut
34 agencies have participated in this program. We are currently training...
....but the most intensive is the
TAG Agencies Project,
a 2 year program where agencies receive training and technical assistance with experts: Stephanie Covington, Eileen Russo, Steve Bistran, David Howe, Colette Anderson, Julienne Giard, and Kathleen Callahan.
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