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Ducky Team Black 2.0

No description

Cosmic Thunder

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Ducky Team Black 2.0

Ducky Team Black is for advanced/expert writers

Everyone who joins DTblack has a interest in writing, reading, and sharpening their skills. We don't accept anyone into the writing team that doesn't show a passion for it.
What is DTblack?
Ranking system cont.
Bronze level- In order to level up you must complete 10 tasks. Your word count for tasks will be between 3k-6k words. 4 of them must be given by Kristy
Exit task: Grab a partner on Bronze and write a 3k-5k words story together of any genre.

Silver Level-In order to level up you must complete 12 tasks. 3 of them must be given by Kristy. Your word count for tasks will be between 6k-10k words.
Exit task: Pick any 2 members from recruit level and tutor them. Give them each a task between 2k-3k words. Once they complete it and you are satisfied with their work you may move up to gold level.
Benefits and rewards
Recruit level- You must complete 4 writing tasks in order to level up. Your word count min and max is 800 wrds-3k words depending on the task you get.
Exit task: Go to Kristy for your final task. it won't be easy.
*You must complete the task a silver member gives you If you are chosen (to be explained)

Copper level- If you didn't do so hot in the recruit level. You will be placed here to do 2 more tasks given by Kristy. If any member is caught slacking off on tasks or being lazy you will be placed here.
Leaders: Cosmicthunder and Kristenfaith88
Ducky Team Black 2.0
Within the ducky team we have a ranking system.

Recruit- All members start here.

Copper- The drop zone or tutor
level. (to be explained further)

Bronze- Level after recruit.

Silver- Follows bronze

Gold- Follows silver.

Platinum- The highest level.

*The ranking system will be explained more on the next slides.
Ranking system
ranking system cont.
Gold level- 4 difficult tasks will be given. The word
count will be between 10k-15k words. 2 of the tasks
will be given by Kristy.
Exit task: Your final task will be between 15k and 20k words. The story may be about anything you want.

Platinum level- You are now free to write whatever you want. If you still want tasks you can ask the leaders. Once you are on this level you will be a go to person
for members if they need editing help or tutoring.
Once you reach bronze level you can help host
DTblack related contests and events if you get consent from
Kristy or myself (Cosmic). You will also get one Ducky badge. You are also now able to edit recruit members writing tasks

At silver level you will gain Ducky Guide status if Kristy or I think you are ready. If you are in Cattleya you may be added back to gold to chat and tutor. If you are in Gold you may be added to Silver to tutor members there to get better at drawing/digital editing. Plus one Ducky badge. At silver level you may help edit writing tasks for those members on Bronze and recruit level.

At Gold level you will become a ducky guide for sure. You will also gain 2 ducky badges for all of your hard work. The downside is you cannot tutor members on lower levels nor get editing help from lower levels or by Plat. members. You can only rely on each other for editing.

At Platinum level you will gain 3 ducky badges, be considered to be added to council chat after all of your hard work. You can write about whatever you want. You can also be added to any team chat if you are approved to be added to council.
Task help ;)
For those of you freaking out about the task amount and word count...we have a little gift to you.

If you participate in the writing contests that will count as one task. Not a task from Kristy though or a
exit task

For winning 3 writing contests you can lower a task word count: Recruits by 500 words. Bronze by 1k words. Silver by 2k words. Gold by 3k words.

If you save your contest wins up to 8 you can excuse yourself from ONE Kristy task.

*You cannot lower word count on exit tasks.

-Follow all regular Ducky Team rules.
-You must post all of your tasks on watt pad. Your user must have DTB somewhere in it.
-Being lazy is not a option. If you are slacking off
be prepared for the consequences.
-You cannot refuse to do a task. If you have a
problem with it talk to the leader who gave it to
-Complete your tasks on time. If you are going on
vacation let us know. You are given adequate time to complete every task.
-All tasks must be either rated G, PG, or PG-13.
-No sex scenes, you can imply but you cannot write it out in the story.
-Be creative, we aren't going to tell you how to write a story.
-DO NOT plagiarize or its an automatic kick out from being in the Ducky Team
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