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viv bard

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of A*STAR

The Federal Security Client
Zach Chaloner
Vivian Graubard
Timur Khalif
Addison West
Matthew Zappala Scheduling System Agenda System Concept

Use Cases

Data Models

Conclusion Business Process Model Use Case Diagram
Elaborated Use Case Entity Tables
CRUD Matrix System Concept System Features Business Process Model BPM: Pre-Shift BPM: Security Personnel Use Case Diagram Security Personnel UCD Use Cases UC-01


UC-03 UC-04


UC-06 Enter/Update Availability
and Preferences Review Preferences Enter/Update Scheduling View Schedule Monitor Schedule Status Emergency Rescheduling Use Case- 06 Use Case- 01 Data Model "a new, more efficient system to schedule, manage,
and keep track of all security personnel" Web-based login system over a secure network
Password Protection and Secure Login
Real Time Updates
Automated emergency rescheduling systemm
Consistent Interface: easy to learn. use, and adapt to Team Leader Actor Card Conclusion Transition from Manual Scheduling
to system-based scheduling What's Next? Develop system further
Test the system
Train users
Track results
Make necessary changes
Questions? Security Personnel

Team Leader

Manager approves or denies
personnel hours System Actors submits preference and availability hours oversees scheduling A*STaR- Automated Security Travel Registrar Key Tables CRUD Matrix
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