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Teaching Graphs

Interpreting & Creating - Bar graphs & Pictographs

Julie Perry

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Teaching Graphs

and creating. I can interpret a pictograph. Now, work with a partner to design a pictograph
using information from an almanac. Later you will interpret
others' creations. Explain how you created
this pictograph in your math
composition book. What symbol
did you use? Why? http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/data-analysis/pictograph.htm objective... I can...
interpret a bar graph. http://studyjams.scholastic.com/studyjams/jams/math/data-analysis/bar-graphs.htm What is your favorite candy?
Discuss with your group.
Come up with at least two
favorites! Now, work with a partner to
create a bar graph of our
favorite candy. Which two candies would you make if you
were a candy maker based on your bar graph?
Justify your answer. Remember...
* give your graph a title
* set up your x & y axis
* determine your intervals
* use various colors in your drawing
YOUR CHOICE...horizontal or vertical
graph! Let's take a look at a bar graph &
see if we can interpret it. Think about your favorite
activity to do with your family.
Let's talk about that.
How can we organize this
information based on what we
have learned? (hint: tally marks) Today we will work in groups & by ourselves.
We will watch a video and we will make a bar graph.
Then we will do an extended writing activity.
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