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My 8th Grade Experience...

No description

Ebby Haroun

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of My 8th Grade Experience...

My 8th Grade Experience!!! My 8th grade year was very interesting.
I learned many academic things, but 8th grade also taught me life lessons.
Many classes were easy but I struggled with subjects such as Math, Science, and History. 8th grade also taught me not everyone is who they claim themselves to be... Many people may call themselves your "friend" but they really aren't... 8th grade!!!!
Where do i begin..... I have met many new friends this year.....(yall know who yall are) 8th grade also taught me
how to manage time, money, and resources. 8th grade has also had a great influence on me. I have diffrent view on life and i even listen to diffrent music... But all in all 8th grade has been a crazy ride
from happy moments to sad moments
from having the best times in class
to doing so much work that your fingers burn..
(only the people with Ms. Carroll will understand) 8th grade has somewhat prepared me for high school. Although Middle school cannot really be compared to High School......

It still gives me a feel of what it might be And now as the school year ends,
we must not forget what we learned in 8th grade. We must take it and use it towards our future. Even if you think 8th grade information will not benefit you it will. But in other words.....

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