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Genetic Engineering

No description

Hamilton Jones

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Genetic Engineering

Double click anywhere & add an idea Genetic Engineering What is Genetic Engineering? Genetic Engeneering is recombinant DNA technology.
Scientists can manipulate your genes to make the "perfect" human, plant, or animal. So What is the perfect Human? This is completly up to the parents.
Human genetic engineering has the potential to change human beings' appearance, adaptability, intelligence, character, and behavior Brown Hair Glasses Brown Eyes Droopy Skin Brown Hair Blue Eyes No Glasses Fair Skin How do they do this? What the scientist do is they take the desired gene and take it from a cell. Enzymes cut out the desired gene. Enzymes insert gene into DNA vector. Bacteria reproduce creating a large number of bacteria with the same characteristic. This process continues until... Sounds Great! Or Does It? Inhumane? God What happends if everyone is perfect? $100,000$$ DIVERSITY We Have all eaten and drunken somthing that has been geneticly enhanced HGH and Steroids Cons: PROS: Good looks Immunity Smart ood behavior Stronger Athletic Lower crime rate Fewer obese people What will the future be like with
Genetic Engeneering? the Baby is born. The End!!! :)
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