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Max Weck

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of Netherlands

The Netherlands has a population of about 17 million people.Other than dutch, 89% of the people speak English.70% speak German,29% also are able to speak French.Finally 5% of the Dutch people speak spanish.There are also a lot of religions in the Netherlands.The religion that the most people are is catholic.
The Netherlands has a big veriaty of food.One food that is special for the Netherlands are Bitterballen.They are a deep fried snack sereved all over the Netherlands. Dutch people also make, import and eat a lot cheese.The netherlands are in second place only behind the United States when it comes to exporting food.You can also find a lot of shops in Amsterdam that sell fries with many different sauces avaliable.
Football is the most popular in the
Netherlands.Field hockey and volleyball are also very popular.In the 2014 Fifa World Cup the Netherlands came in 3rd place.The best players in the Dutch national team are:Arjen Robben,Wesley Sneijder,Robin van Persie.Approximatley two-thirds of the people in the Netherlands that are between 15 and 75 particpate in sports weekly.
Thank you!
for watching!
The Netherlands has been a constitutional monarchy since 1815.The Netherlands has been a parliamentary democracy since 1846.At the moment the head of state is the monarch.He is known as King Willem-Alexander,but he doesn't have all the power the Netherlands have a prime minister also.His name is Mark Rutte and has been prime minister since October 2010.
By Max Weck
Important citites
The capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.The population of Amsterdam is currently at 2,349,870 people.Another improtant city is Den Haag is where the royal family and the government are.Also Rotterdam is a very important city because it has one of europe's busiest ports.

The Netherlands is located in Western Europe.Its land scape is very flat,with almost no mountains.The highest point is The Vaalserberg is a hill, it is 321 meters high,and yet the highest point of the Netherlands.In Netherlands only 50% of the country is higher than 1 meter.Netherland is bordered by Germany and Belgium.Also by the North Sea.
Netherlands Flag
Wesley Sneijder
King Willem-Alexander
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