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trevor howards prezi

No description

trevor howard

on 3 October 2018

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Transcript of trevor howards prezi

brief summary
Sylvester is a kid who loves baseball but he wasn't a good hitter,but after practice game he meets a mysterious person named Geroge Baruth and soon he was hitting homers every time he was up to bat but Sylvester was worried, how long will his hitting streak last, how would he handle his fame, and most importantly who was Mr.Baruth?
the story takes place in a junior high school named hooper junior high.
about the book
The book is called the kid who only hits homers, the author of the book is Matt Christoper, the genre of the book is fiction. Also i think kids from 11-14 year old would like this book because it very entertaining and you just want to keep reading. The protagonists is Sylvester and the antagonist is is friend named snooky. Sylvester changed throughout the story by playing and baseball and every time he went up to bat he struck out to hitting a home run every time he was up to bat. Because of a guy named George Baruth
the main idea of the story is teamwork because in the story in the story Baruth is the one who helped Sylvester come from a person who couldn't hit the ball to a player who hit a home run every time at bat.
current event
My theme is teamwork so there is alot of teamwork in the world like when you play sports you need teamwork to win or if your working like a highway or a road or if you your working on a house
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